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PewDiePie’s terrible Sonic the Hedgehog drawing gets £10 million bid

Published: 5/May/2019 12:59 Updated: 5/May/2019 13:31

by Joe Craven


The bizarre news surrounding Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg continues to grow, as an A5 drawing of Sonic the Hedgehog that he jokingly listed on eBay, has received a bid for £10,000,000.

PewDiePie, the man behind the second most subscribed to YouTube channel in the world is never far from bizarre stories, recently sharing a ‘Snack Review’ with an Indian YouTuber who travelled to the UK to meet him. On May 4, PewDiePie tweeted that he would be putting an A5 drawing of Sonic the Hedgehog on eBay.

He said that: “It pains me to sell this that Ive hold on to for so long, but money is tight”. With an estimated annual salary of $12 million, we find it hard to believe that money is tight, but it appears fans are keen to aid him in his allegedly difficult financial situation.

The picture of Sonic follows significant criticism surrounding the character’s design in the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie, which even led to the film’s director publicly stating they would change his design. PewDiePie made a video entitled ‘Fixing Sonic the Hedgehog’, in which he made the image as a parody.

Since being made available on May 4, the eBay listing has received – unsurprisingly – significant attention. The bidding reached a moderate £10,000 within 10 minutes, but a bid of £1 million soon followed.

However, the £1 million bid did nothing to deter a mystery philanthropist, who put in a bid for £10 million.

YouTube: PewDiePieThe bizarre drawing has received insane amounts of attention.
eBayThe £10 million bid, before the listing was removed.

PewDiePie has since removed the listing from eBay, probably given the fact that the whole thing was a joke to begin with and he never expected such an incredible response.

He is yet to respond to the substantial amount of attention the listing received but, knowing PewDiePie, he will take it all in his stride.


Ninja shocks Valorant star with huge donation after Twitch refund scam

Published: 22/Oct/2020 2:56

by Andrew Amos


Chargebacks are a Twitch streamer’s worst nightmare, as Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins knows it all too well, so when he saw Valorant star ‘AverageJonas’ get scammed out of over $5,000, he knew he had to step up and help.

There’s few Twitch scams more infuriating than chargeback scams. When you have avid viewers donate to your stream, it’s a wonderful feeling.

However, some viewers do it maliciously, with the intent of taking, not giving. After donating hundreds, or even thousands of dollars, viewers dispute the charge with PayPal or their bank, saying they were hacked and didn’t actually donate the money.

The money then goes back to the donator, and the Twitch streamer is left without the donations, and most of the time, also has to pay a fine on top.

That’s exactly what happened to AverageJonas ⁠— a Valorant Twitch star with over 130,000 followers. He had a viewer refund $5,400 worth of donations, which ended up costing the streamer $5,800 after accounting for transfer fees.

“I have received over $5,400 in several donations from one person on Twitch which have all been refunded even though donations are supposedly non-refund. To top it off, I have been personally charged $400+ in refund fees from PayPal,” Jonas said on Twitter.

“This person used me and my community to gain clout and other benefits by acting like an extremely wealthy and giving human being. The person also pretended like the refunds were a mistake.”

Fortunately, Ninja got wind of the fellow Valorant streamer’s woes.

After all, Jonas is one of Valorant’s biggest content creators, and Ninja is slowly working his way to the top of the pro scene. With all of Jonas’ informational content, it’s the least Ninja could do to put his fandom to use.

Ninja replied to Jonas’ tweet with a simple “fixed.” What he meant by that was he donated AverageJonas $5,800, to cover not only the Twitch donations from the user, but the PayPal fees as well.

Jonas was shocked: “Dude thank you so much you’re such a legend omfg.”

It’s a big win for Jonas, however, it highlights a much bigger issue with Twitch donations. If Ninja hadn’t caught wind of the streamer’s troubles, it’s likely nothing would have been done.

Chargebacks are still a big issue, and there’s nothing you can really do about it as a streamer if PayPal or Twitch don’t step in ⁠— like what happened in Jonas’ case.

However, now he can go back to doing what he does best ⁠— sharing Sova line-ups for every Valorant player to learn.