PewDiePie Takes Another Shot at Alinity After Racial Slur and Admitting She Received Twitch Favors

Calum Patterson

The on going dispute between YouTuber PewDiePie and Twitch streamer Alinity looked to be settled, but recently has sparked again, prompting PewDiePie to make a second video addressing the situation.

The dispute began following a video in which PewDiePie called Alinity and other female streamers ‘Twitch thots’, which Alinity responded to by threatening to ‘copy strike’ the video.

Clearly, PewDiePie’s video was protected on the grounds of fair use, given that it featured his own commentary and was ‘transformative’, but nonetheless he claims it did receive a copyright claim from Alinity’s agent, which was later removed.

In the aftermath, Alinity said live on stream that making (largely false) copyright claims on videos with her content was a form of monthly income for her, stating that the agency, CollabDRM, had sent her approximately $700 last month.

This sparked outrage amongst the community, and PewDiePie made his first response video following. He apologized for his use of the term ‘thot’, but was also heavily critical of Alinity’s blatant contempt for copyright law.

Alinity later posted a statement accusing PewDiePie of being ‘sexist’ in front of what she claimed was an impressionable young audience.

In response, PewDiePie has now released a new video, much more scathing than the first, in which he highlights Alinity’s very sexually suggestive stream content, her recent use of the N word (and subsequent preferential treatment from Twitch) – and even a suggestion that she broke Canadian immigration laws.

A summary of PewDiePie’s main points from his video is presented below.

“There’s this one clip, where she very publicly admits to committing marriage fraud. That she moved to Columbia and married this guy, just so she could move to Canada.”

She then very publicly admits that she’s been getting special favors from Twitch. […] Maybe this is the problem, she’s never been forced to be held accountable for her actions. Twitch, like she says, has been giving her favors: ‘Oh Alinity, you broke the terms of service, just delete this video and we’ll just move on’. 

When they are so strict on Twitch with these sort of rules, and people get banned all the time for this sort of thing.

And, on the very same live stream – I swear to God she’s just showing off that she’s untouchable at this point – she drops the N word. Twitch have very strict rules, people get banned all the time for this sort of thing, or at least, they have been very harsh on guys. 

Saying the N word in this context, it didn’t seem that bad. But then, for her to say ‘I can say the N word, because I’m 10% black’, and justifying it. Twitch has shown a clear bias for female streamers on the platform for a long time.”

You can watch the full video, entitled “BAN PEWDIEPIE”, below, with his new points beginning at around the 5:18 minute mark.

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