PewDiePie stunned by Daily Dose Of Internet predicting his YouTube success a decade ago

Screenshot of PewDiePie stunned while reading 10 year old message that predicted his success on YouTube.YouTube: PewDiePie

Popular YouTuber Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg was left floored when a message from fellow content creator Daily Dose Of Internet resurfaced 10 years later. The variety clip channel’s prediction of the Swede’s success was scarily accurate.

With over 109 million subscribers to his channel in 2021, PewDiePie is undisputedly the biggest individual content creator on YouTube. Kjellberg couldn’t have imagined in 2010 that he would go from his humble roots in Sweden to becoming one of the world’s most popular entertainers.

The 31-year-old was stunned then when an old message from YouTuber Daily Dose Of Internet from in 2011 predicted his mind-blowing success. The clips channel went viral on March 3 after their decade-old message showed belief in the Swede’s talent 10 years before anyone else.

Screenshot of YouTube star PewDiePie reacting to 2011 message predicting his future.YouTube: PewDiePie
The Swedish YouTuber reacted to the 2011 message.

PewDiePie reacts to viral message predicting YouTube success

The YouTuber reacted to Daily Dose Of Internet’s message from 2011 after it went viral on Twitter. He read the incredible prediction out loud during his March 8 upload: “10 years ago I messaged PewDiePie when he had 40,000 subscribers. I told him he would be famous one day. He didn’t believe me.

PewDiePie was surprised by the wholesome message and explained why it meant a lot to him. “It’s cool to see this because I got a lot of messages from people saying “you will be very big one day!” … I never believed them but it still made me feel like “Yeah, come on! Let’s go!” he said. “2011! Yeah, 10 years ago. Holy s**t. F**king blew my mind.”

He also gave props to the variety clips channel, which has seen an explosion in popularity in 2021. “He messaged me with words of encouragement, and he now has 11 million subs. Good on you.”

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Daily Dose Of Internet originally made the tweet on March 3, revealing that he had contacted Kjellberg in April 2011. At the time, Pewds wrote back and said “Haha im so not the next [Swedish star]. I cant add ppl to skype, it’ll be a MESS xD. You can msg me through steamgroup or here anything you want thou.”

Hilariously, Daily Dose told viewers that he didn’t think PewDiePie even knew who he was, only to be overjoyed when he featured his insane prediction during his March 8 upload.

Launching in 2015, the variety clips channel has seen a major boost in viewerships since 2019. The channel is often featured on Twitch as popular streamers like to watch the viral content with their viewers.