PewDiePie stunned after custom Minecraft Creeper PC arrives broken

Brent Koepp

YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg was left shocked and confused when his insane custom Minecraft Creeper PC made by Linus Tech Tips arrived damaged.

Popular Tech YouTuber Linus Sebastian surprised PewDiePie at the end of March when he revealed he had built him a mind blowing Minecraft PC in the shape of a Creeper.

However, during his April 19 episode of Last Week I Asked You, the Swedish star’s unboxing quickly went south when he discovered that the custom device had been severely damaged in shipping.

PewDiePie’s custom Minecraft PC arrives broken

In his latest upload, the YouTuber revealed that he had finally received the custom Minecraft PC made by Linus Tech Tips. It then cut to him unboxing the device. “Damn she look good, not gonna lie. Look at that, that’s insane!” he said upon seeing the Creeper PC tower.

However after taking it out of the shipping container, he quickly noticed something was wrong when he saw components in the back dangling. “Uh, I don’t think that’s supposed to happen,” he said, before grimacing and stating, “It’s okay I know how to fix computers.”

The Swede then tried to set it up and told his wife “I think it will work!” before joking “It might just explode!” The camera then zoomed in on the loose motherboard and revealed the extent of the damage. “Look at that dent. How did it get that in that box? Look at that! That’s awful. Creeper, what did they do to you? Oh my God.”

(Timestamp 18:29 for mobile users.)

The unboxing video abruptly ended before Pewds even attempted to turn it on. Although based on those dents, it seems as if the custom PC took quite the beating.

Linus himself reacted to the unfortunate news on social media and explained how he’s had fears about shipping computers in the past due to potential damage – which unfortunately seemed to come true this time.

“Look what happened to Pewdiepie’s Creeper PC even tho we custom crated it 🙁 THIS is why I have PTSD from the things I’ve seen happen to computers in shipping…” he tweeted on April 19.

It remains to be seen how much damage was actually done to the PC during shipping, although we expect PewDiePie will eventually make an update video once it gets up and running.

Dents aside, the Swedish entertainer seemed genuinely blown away by the custom made Creeper. Since he’s the king of YouTube and Minecraft, it’s perfect for his pro gamer needs.

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