PewDiePie sees insane channel growth thanks to his battle with T-Series

Virginia Glaze

YouTube’s biggest creator, Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg, has seen immense channel growth, with his monthly subscriber count increasing 700% due to his ongoing battle with Bollywood label ‘T-Series.’

According to stats provided by Social Blade, PewDiePie managed to gain more subscribers in the final four months of 2018 than the entirety of 2017, now sitting at over 81 million subs and counting.

As reported by Business Insider, PewDiePie’s channel saw a surge of 13 million subscribers between September and December of 2018 – a huge jump, considering that the YouTube king only managed to score seven million subs throughout the entirety of 2017.

Social Blade / Business InsiderPewDiePie saw a 13.6 million subscriber increase in the final four months of 2018 – a massive jump, considering his comparatively low growth in 2017.

December also saw a 700% subscriber increase for Pewds, who reeled in a whopping 6.62 million subs as opposed to his 855,000 gain in September.

However, despite fans’ efforts to keep PewDiePie above T-Series’ clutches, the Bollywood Label continues to rise in subscribers, now sitting at over 80,700,000 subs as of January 16, 2019.

The battle between the two channels came to light in late August of 2018, when PewDiePie mockingly challenged the company to a physical duel in a video. Since then, other popular YouTubers, internet stars, and celebrities have come out in support of YouTube’s largest independent creator – with some fans even hacking printers and Chromecasts to spread the message.

PewDiePie himself has stated that he “doesn’t care” if T-Series surpasses him. Instead expressing concern that YouTube is shifting toward a more “corporate” business model, due to many YouTubers’ sponsorships and partnerships with various brands.