TikToker claims toilet cake creation was copied on YouTube and fans think it was MrBeast

mrbeast-tiktok-toilet-willy-wonkaYouTube: MrBeast

A TikToker claimed her toilet cake creation was copied in a “very big video,” and fans think it was MrBeast, who used a similar design in his Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory competition.

TikToker Liz Marek, also known as sugargeekshow, has an account built around the simple concept of teaching viewers how to make and decorate cakes. It’s a popular hit that’s drawn almost 2.5 million followers.

In a video posted on June 5, she reveals a hyper-realistic toilet cake that could easily deceive people into thinking it was the real deal. She sits on it to prove it isn’t, which makes it crumble and reveals the spongey goodness inside.

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However, the biggest talking point isn’t the cake itself. Instead, it was that she claimed someone copied the idea in a “very big video,” which fans believe was MrBeast’s recent Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory video.

“It’s actually a cake that I was asked to make to prove that I could make a super-realistic toilet, and in return, I was going to get hired to make this cake for a very big video and get paid a lot of money,” she said.

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“Instead, I was not hired, and this video was shown to another decorator on how to make a toilet cake, and long story short, I’m never making a toilet cake again, and you should always have a contract before you make something.”

Marek didn’t explicitly state that someone from MrBeast’s team contacted her, nor did she claim his video was the one she was referring to. However, her toilet cake does bear a resemblance to the one he used.

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mrbeast-willy-wonkaYouTube: MrBeast
MrBeast’s video put golden ticket holders against each other for a chance to win the replica factory.

For that reason, some of her followers are pointing their fingers. “Was it MrBeast? Say it ain’t so,” wrote one follower, whose comment was liked 35,000 times.

“Please expose them. That’s not right at all,” wrote another.

Countless others were also convinced, although some argued that if it were true, it was probably something his management team did rather than MrBeast himself. Either way, the YouTube star is yet to respond and address the situation.

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