PewDiePie faces off against himself in epic Minecraft battle

Brent Koepp

Fresh off of slaying the Wither on August 7, YouTube star Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg faced off with the next formidable foe in his Minecraft series – himself.

Fans wondered which quest or boss PewDiePie would tackle next after his journey to summon and destroy the Wither concluded in an epic fashion during his August 7 episode. 

The Swedish YouTuber revealed the next boss he would take on his Minecraft series on August 9, and it was none other than himself.

PewDiePie summoned himself

During the episode, Pewds surprised viewers when he revealed that he was going to be facing himself as a boss. “I don’t know if this works. But someone made it,” he said before putting down a diamond block and using a special nether star. “It should make a PewDiePie boss.”

Sure enough, a character sprite resembling the Swedish YouTuber wearing his iconic headphones appeared. “Oh it worked! Oh my god it’s PewDiePie!” he screamed with excitement. 

Using his enchanted arrows he shot the boss, when hilariously the foe played back audio clips of his voice saying “it’s not funny, okay?!” before pressing on towards him. “How is this even possible!?” the Swede asked in bewilderment.

YouTube:PewDiePieThe YouTube star summoned himself in the game

What seemed like an easy battle at first quickly turned into a difficult fight. “Oh shit!” the boss yelled after being hit with his arrows, before screaming and knocking PewDiePie into the air. 

The enemy then transformed into the YouTuber sitting in his iconic gaming chair, and floated to the sky, with five ‘Bro Fists’ floating around him.

It then turned the Swede’s horse Jorgen against him, and it horse began to attack him. “No I don’t want to hurt you Jorgen, don’t hurt me!” Pewds screamed, before tragically having no choice but to kiss his friend. “NO!” he screamed.

YouTube: PewDiePieBro Fist!

PewDiePie had to fight ‘Sven’

As if the boss fight wasn’t twisted enough, it then summoned Pewds’ trusty sidekick dog ‘Sven’, which forced the YouTube star to agonizingly have to attack his pet. “No! Back off! I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to hurt you. You’re the only one I haven’t killed!”

The formidable foe finally summoned the last enemy and it was none other than a ‘water sheep’, which the YouTuber infamously hates due to the annoying noises they make. 

Pewds then landed the final blow, and the battle ended. “Haha, oh my god! 10/10” he stated, despite the battle being semi-traumatic. 

The boss dropped the gaming chair as a mount and headphones as a helmet. The best part is that wearing the headphones plays the beat to his famous ‘Bitch Lasagna’ song.

PewDiePie’s Minecraft series has proven to be extremely popular with fans of both the YouTube star and the game, and it doesn’t seem like he’ll be stopping any time soon.