PewDiePie admits he was “scared” meeting MrBeast for the first time

Eleni Thomas
PewDiePie MrBeast header

Content creator PewDiePie reflected on finally meeting MrBeast, with Felix explaining in a new video that he was “so scared” to finally meet one of the biggest names in all of the streaming.

PewDiePie and MrBeast are arguably two of the biggest names in all of streaming. With millions of followers between the two and countless views, both content creators have built juggernaut empires through their brands and videos.

As a result, fans of both have been begging for years to have the two collaborate together in some capacity. After years of wishing, their prayers have finally been answered. 

After MrBeast posted a photo of himself and Felix on Instagram, fans began to speculate that a collab between the two would be released soon.

Jimmy addressed the rumors, with Dexerto reporting how MrBeast also teased that he has a major project in the works, saying it’s his “biggest” video yet.

PewDiePie admits he was “scared” to finally meet MrBeast

“By the way, I appreciate all of you and I promise to make good use of all this attention I’m getting,” he continued. “Haven’t uploaded in a bit because I’ve been working on my biggest project yet. [My] next video will blow your minds.”

Now, however, PewDiePie has reflected on meeting MrBeast and what their encounter, with Felix admitting that he was terrified of meeting Mr Beast in a brand new YouTube video.

“I met Mr Beast hooray. Jimmy is a freaking giant why is everyone is f***ing tall…Jimmy is so nice.”

He then added that “That was a fun and strange day. I don’t know if the video is up yet but it should be very fun. I’ve never been so scared in my entire life and I didn’t know I was able to be that scared.”

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