PewDiePie explains why Ricky Gervais’ Golden Globes speech “doesn’t hold up”

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PewDiePie, YouTube / NBC

YouTube king Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg reacted to actor and comedian Ricky Gervais’ scathing speech at the 77th Golden Globe Awards — and while he “liked” it, expressed a few issues with Gervais’ comments.

Gervais’ Golden Globes address quickly went viral across social media, with many users buzzing about his statements toward major CEOs and actors for “knowing nothing about the real world.”

Amid his biting remarks, the comedian also touched on Apple’s “Morning Show,” taking shots at the company for running “sweatshops in China” — a comment that PewDiePie felt called to touch on during a January 8 episode of “You Laugh, You Lose.”

He began by clarifying that he did, indeed, like Gervais’ monologue, but criticized him for reappearing as the show’s host five times, despite his supposed “boot” from the role for his comments, and accused him of repeating “the exact same shtick” every year.

Kjellberg then related Gervais’ “sweatshop” segment to his own clothing brand, “Tsuki,” which he created in collaboration with wife Marzia Bisognin in March 2018.

“Are you telling me, seriously, that you’ve never bought any product that has been produced in China?” the YouTuber questioned. “This is coming from someone… me and Marzia have our brand ‘Tsuki,’ where we produce ethically in Canada, because we want to avoid sweatshops.”

While the YouTuber went on to clarify that there are plenty of legitimate manufacturers in China, he also argued that most consumers “don’t care” about the source of their products, rendering his argument null in the face of many buyers.

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“Even though I do agree, it’s f**king obnoxious hearing this Hollywood elite preach about a bunch of s**t, because it is tone-deaf,” he continued. “I agree. But at the same time, I don’t really think his argument holds up. …everyone who thought he was epic when he said that better not be holding an iPhone.”

Although PewDiePie was ultimately a fan of Gervais’ viral Golden Globes speech, he does have a point in regards to ethical creation of products — just one of many scalding jabs brought out by the comedian in front of Hollywood’s biggest names.

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