PewDiePie mocks Jake Paul's petition to end cyberbullying over beef with Cody Ko

YouTube star Felix ‘PewDiePie‘ Kjellberg canceled Jake Paul as a result of his cyberbullying beef with fellow YouTuber Cody Ko.

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Cody Ko is no stranger to making fun of the Paul brothers, something that hasn’t sit well with Jake Paul, as he then created a video responding to that and called for all of the cyberbullying to stop.

PewDiePie decided to throw himself into the mix by watching Jake Paul’s response video and pretty much destroying him along the way.

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It’s a roast

“Jake Paul is treating it like he just gave away his address to someone,” PewDiePie said in response to Jake taking Cody’s criticism of dressing up like a Minion. “Oh wait, you did that Jake, sorry!”

PewDiePie came out with a nearly 22-minute video picking apart Jake Paul’s video, which can be seen below, bit by bit and bringing up elements of his past.

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Jake Paul called out the negativity of various YouTube channels in his video, which PewDiePie also discussed.

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“I’ll explain what Jake Paul’s cave brain is trying to say here,” he said. “There are channels dedicated purely to criticize people. These channels clearly have to make a living giving their audience what they want. They nitpick things that aren’t that big of a deal.”

He explains that a video criticizing the “overpriced” merch of someone can easily be blown out of proportion by one of these channels. However, most of Pewds’ issues lie with the fact Jake Paul even made this video in the first place.

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With nearly everything Jake Paul says, PewDiePie quickly shuts him down by mocking him. Paul mentioned how Cody Ko must be sad on the inside for him to be making these videos.

“I can only imagine how much Cody Ko has to deal with every day for being such a savage only,” PewDiePie joked.

It’s very clear that PewDiePie is not a fan of Jake Paul, but we probably knew that before this video came out.

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