Passengers vote to kick unruly woman off plane mid-flight

passengers vote to kick woman off planeTikTok: lanaisli

A group of passengers unanimously voted to kick a woman off of a plane mid-flight after an explosive argument erupted between fliers.

A slew of bombastic brawls have taken the internet by storm lately. From golfers going toe-to-toe with MMA fighters on the green to a McDonald’s turning into a veritable warzone, the net loves a good scuffle from time to time.

However, the latest disagreement to go viral took place at 35,000 feet up in the air, with nowhere for participants to flee from what was going on.

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TikTok user Lanais Li is going viral after uploading her experience on a Frontier Airlines flight from Trenton, NJ to Atlanta, GA.

Passengers vote to kick woman off plane after mid-flight argument gets heated

The argument allegedly began after a couple asked a flight attendant if they could be seated further up in the plane. When their request was denied, a tiff purportedly ensued between the attendant and the man, as told in a statement by Li to the New York Post.

According to Li, a woman sitting a few rows back in the plane “was saying slick comments while this was happening, which resulted in the back-and-forth between the two ladies” seen in her video.

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In the clip, a woman is seen loudly arguing with another female flier toward the back of the plane, pleading her man’s case to the assembled passengers. “He literally hasn’t done anything wrong,” she said. “He hasn’t threatened anybody. …you’ve been talking to us and antagonizing us the whole time.”

During the video, the man in question got up from his seat and offered cash to the passenger seemingly complaining about the ordeal — but she flung the cash back at him.

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Another video taken from the same flight shows a different passenger openly calling for a vote to remove the woman who complained about the couple. “I’ve got forty, fifty people here who would like her removed from the flight,” the man says. “If you want her removed from the flight, please raise your hand.”

“I’m trying to prove a point,” the man continues. “If you are going to be a d*ck to people, we’re going to be a d*ck back.”

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The woman was later escorted from her seat and shot an insult back at the man who called for a vote to get her off the flight. As she gathered her things, she expressed confusion about why she was being moved, saying, “What did I do?”

Another video posted by Li sheds more light on the subject. As told by the TikToker, the man from the first video was being kicked off of the plane for arguing with the flight attendant over he and his girlfriend’s seats. His partner was feuding with the attendant over the matter, which led to her argument with the other flier.

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According to Li, she is also being sued for “defamation” by the first woman for sharing the altercation on TikTok. She shared a series of screenshots in her follow-up video, which showed statements from a person named Mani Slays threatening legal action against Li for posting the video.

“Take this down,” Slays allegedly wrote. “At this point, you got your little clout off everything. I did not give you consent to post me. You posted this on every single social media platform. If you continue to have my face plastered on YOUR page, I will be taking legal action.”

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Lanais argued back that she was the owner of the video and had the right to record in a public place — but after a little research, it looks like laws about recording both video and phone calls vary wildly from state to state and even company to company when recordings happen in private businesses.

This is just the latest in-flight fiasco to take over TikTok after a woman was booted off of a flight for saying she hoped other passengers “crash and die.”

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