Viral TikTok exposes ‘Karen’ kicked off flight after hoping all passengers “crash and die”

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In a viral TikTok, a ‘Karen’ is escorted off a Spirit Airlines flight. But prior to leaving, she shouts out that she hopes all the passengers “crash and die,” which prompts a reaction from even the flight captain.

The viral TikTok begins with passengers greeting the ‘Karen’ as she’s escorted off of the plane. But after being booed by a passenger, instead of walking away peacefully, the lady shouts rude remarks to everyone.

“Boo you b**ch. If you were in my position, you would do the same thing.”

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Seeing as how the video lacks context, it’s impossible to tell if the common passenger would have done the same thing given the unknown circumstance. But one thing is definitely clear, the ‘Karen’ was lacking in class, as the last thing she told the others was “I hope y’all crash and die!”

This comment was received with “oohs” throughout the plane. As for the pilot, the rude statement prompted him to stand up and confront the lady directly. Since the confrontation happens off-screen, it’s impossible to tell exactly what went down from that point on.

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The comment section for the viral TikTok video criticized the lady, as you might have expected.

“That’s not something you wish for on Spirit,” one user added. For those unaware, Spirit Airlines has had a history of malfunctioning airplanes, making the person’s comment especially bad in taste.

“Why was she getting kicked off in the first place? Story time please!” another viewer asks, clearly interested in the full story. But unfortunately for them, the original TikTok user has yet to provide context within the comment section or in another video.

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