Parents mortified after accidentally sending daughter to school with explicit rag

parents send daughter to school with adult ragTikTok/chloeguzman04

A couple of parents are going viral on TikTok for revealing how she accidentally sent her daughter into school with a rag that advertised an adult website.

We’ve seen plenty of parenting fails over the years from mothers making OnlyFans content at school to a dad destroying his daughter’s PC.

However, a mother and father on TikTok may have them all beat after the “most embarrassing and worst thing” ever happened at school.

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According to TikToker ‘chloeguzman04,’ every Monday, she brings sheets to her daughter’s school so she can nap and didn’t realize that when she was doing the laundry, a certain rag stuck to her sheet.

Mom sends daughter to school with rag for mature website

Chloe explained that her husband brought the sheet with the rag stuck to it to their daughter’s school and put it in her cubby.

The worst part is that it’s a joke rag that advertises an OnlyFans-like website – something that doesn’t exactly belong in a school of all things. While some clothes are cheeky with their explicit messages, this one was totally upfront about it.

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“We don’t even use it for its true purpose,” Chloe added. “It was a gag gift that we got.”

The father further added that this isn’t the first time this has happened with the rag getting stuck on her sheet in the past, but this time he didn’t check and they made the mistake of sending it into school.

“I have truly never felt this level of embarrassment,” the mom captioned the video. “I am so sorry to all the teachers at Gwen’s preschool.”

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Despite the fail, TikTok users in the comments shared their own humiliating stories while others encouraged the parents to just throw the rag away, which is probably the best idea all things considered.

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