Papa John’s worker shows TikTok users how to save money on orders

papa johns pizza and employeeTikTok: ProfessorPizza / Unsplash

A Papa John’s employee has let his TikTok viewers in on a little secret to save money on their pizza orders. 

Papa John’s is one of the most popular pizza delivery chains across the United States, and while people often go in-person to place an order, quite a few have moved to online orders via mobile apps over the last two years due to the global health crisis.

If you’re using an app like Uber Eats, Grubhub, or DoorDash, you’ll notice that aside from the cost of the food you want, there are additional charges involved.

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Tips aside, sub-charges for the service provided can often be seen built into the total before you confirm the delivery.

However, one Papa John’s employee has revealed the huge price difference between their own service and other apps.

papa johns pizzaUnsplash
Fancy a pizza tonight? This Papa John’s employee might have a way to save you some cash.

Papa John’s employee baffled by Grubhub prices

In a TikTok posted on April 11, a user called ProfessorPizza walked viewers through an order somebody had made online.

The difference in the charges from a GrubHub order and what the customer would pay at the restaurant in-person was so much that the employee shared an explainer on social media.

They said: “This is a great example of why you shouldn’t [Use Uber Eats, DoorDash, or Grubhub]… So, I had an order come through from Grubhub.” The order was a Works pizza, but there was a pretty big difference in the cost to the end consumer.

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“It was a medium Works, nothing special – no drinks, no sides. Check out the total,” he added, showing a screen that reads $28.64.

Flipping across to a non-Grubhub order of the same medium Works pizza, ProfessorPizza showed the same order directly from Papa John’s with delivery was $21.60.

That represents a saving of $7, which is eaten up in fees from Grubhub on this occasion.

So, according to this member of staff, you could actually be spending on something else to make the order better value for money.

Will it change your mind next time you’re fancying a takeaway?