SypherPK’s Metal Umbrella drops new Essentials Collection

sypherpk metal umbrella essential collectionMetal Umbrella

Twitch superstar streamer Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan’s apparel brand Metal Umbrella has released their third drop since launching, the “Essentials Collection.” 

SypherPK is one of the most notable gaming streamers and content creators on Twitch and YouTube, rising to fame through his Fortnite videos and notable fitness journey.

On top of his streaming and fitness, he has also pioneered the launch of Metal Umbrella, a gaming-inspired apparel brand that debuted in August 2021.

metel umbrella essentials collection Metal Umbrella
Metal Umbrella’s new “Essentials Collection” has dropped.

Metal Umbrella drops new Essentials Collection

The Essentials Collection is the brand’s third drop since they launched, and embraces a more simplistic design.

“With this Essentials Collection, we went back to the basics,” said SypherPK. “While inspired by gaming, Metal Umbrella is designed for everyone and this drop is all about that everyday comfort that we all enjoy.”

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The collection comes with 13 pieces including hats, zip-up hoodies, tees, and joggers.

Metal Umbrella explained the decision to change the style for the Essentials, “This third drop takes a step back from our beloved anime roots to emphasize freedom through simplicity.  We want to provide an opportunity to encourage self-discovery, versatility in style, and absolute comfort in everything you do.”

metal umbrella third dropMetal Umbrella
SypherPK rocking the newest Metal Umbrella drop.

The previous two drops from Metal Umbrella, ‘Too Young to Worry’ followed by ‘Dreams’ were both hits with fans of the brand and Sypher.

Metal Umbrella tells us that both drops earned thousands of orders the first week, and averaged 80,000 units sell-in each.

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You can also check out Dexerto’s Originals documentary on SypherPK, exploring his plans for the future with his multiple business ventures.