Olive Garden fire Kansas branch manager after brutal letter to staff goes viral

Connor Bennett
Olive Garden

An Olive Garden manager in Kansas has been fired after their negative message to staff about time off went viral across social media. 

The internet has always been able to rally around causes that it feels passionate about, especially in the age of social media and when someone has been wronged. 

Thanks to the likes of TikTok and Twitter, users have gotten an inside look at how restaurants around the globe work – and they’re not always pleased with things. Fast food chain owners have sparked outrage by telling customers to “not feed” employees and arguing with customers at the drive-through windows.

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In the case of an Olive Garden manager in Kansas, they came under fire after their letter to employees about taking time off went viral on Twitter. In fact, they’ve even been fired over the controversy. 

Olive Garden manager fired in Kansas over brutal letter to employees

The letter was posted by Twitter account F*ckYouIQuit back on December 7, with the manager being furious by how many absentees the restaurant had been having. 

“We are no longer taking ANY excuse for calling off,” one brutal part of the manager’s letter read. “If you’re sick, you need to come prove it to us. If your dog died, you need to bring him in and prove it to us. If it’s a ‘family emergency,’ too bad. Go work somewhere else.”

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With the letter going viral, as many replies criticized the language used, local news outlet KCTV has confirmed that the manager has been fired. 

“This message is not aligned with our company’s values. We can confirm we have parted ways with this manager,” a spokesperson told them. 

Some Twitter users took a moment to celebrate the dismissal, with a few mentioning karma coming back around. 

“Actually getting this person away from work will probably be good for them,” said one. “It is heartwarming to know even corporate overlords (sometimes) don’t stand for this horrible display,” added another.

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