Ninja teases “crazy” announcement to keep in touch with fans

Virginia Glaze

With former Fortnite pro Tyler “Ninja” Blevins heading to Mixer, it comes as no surprise that the viral internet sensation is looking for new ways to interact with fans – and he has a “crazy” plan for doing so.

Blevins announced this plan in a video post on August 11, claiming that he will leak his phone number to better communicate with his fanbase.

“Stay tuned, I’m gonna be doing something crazy tonight,” Ninja said. “I wanna get a little bit more in touch with you guys, connect with all my fans on a more personal level, so I’m going to be leaking my phone number tonight.”

In a comedic turn of events, Ninja’s wife, Jessica Blevins, took hold of his phone, jokingly claiming that he would NOT be leaking his number.

Although Ninja did not release the exact time he will be posting his number to the web, fans are already clamoring for a chance to text Mixer’s massive celebrity addition, with both top internet personalities and fans alike joking about the possible ensuing shenanigans.

“I remember doing this,” Twitch streamer “dakotaz” commented. “Only, a hacker did it for me. GOOD TIMES!”

“It’s 1-GIT-GUD-KHED,” young Fortnite pro “Ewok” wrote of Ninja’s post.

Ninja isn’t the first internet start to leak his own digits, either: popular YouTuber Jake Paul likewise released his phone number in 2019, leading to some hilarious shenanigans that he posted to Twitter and in various videos.

Ninja’s “crazy” announcement follows his major move to Mixer – a development that came as a shock to many of his fans, seeing as how he had over 14.7 million followers on Twitch before finding his new home.

Despite potential losses, Jessica Blevins claims that both she and Ninja were willing to lose views, stating that they were confident in their decision to transition to Mixer.

“We are stoked about it, but even if Ty had 5k viewers, we were ready and confident with this move,” she Tweeted of the issue. “Aligns with what we believe in & wanted for the brand >

Although the stats on @Ninja Mixer channel are amazing right now, thats not what we planned to focus on with the transition. We are stoked about it, but even if Ty had 5k viewers, we were ready and confident with this move. Aligns with what we believe in & wanted for the brand >

— Jessica Blevins (@JessicaBlevins) August 8, 2019

With Ninja’s massive career moves in mind, it looks like the streamer is seeking out more ways to reach his audience – even if it means getting a ton of phone calls!

UPDATE 4:10PM PST August 11:

Ninja posted his number to Twitter, alongside a video of him telling fans to text him for the chance to play Fortnite with him later on in the week.

“312-584-4684 yes this is my number. Yes I will receive each and every text. I’ll try to reply to as many as possible. This is gunna be fun… longterm!!” the tweet said.

Place your bets for how quickly Ninja is going to get fed up with receiving millions of text messages and phone calls.