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Ninja takes cheeky shot at Tfue’s ‘zero ping’ Fortnite streams

Published: 14/Jun/2019 13:13 Updated: 14/Jun/2019 13:38

by Matt Porter


Tyler ‘Fortnite on June 13, playing with zero ping to the game’s servers.

Ping is a very important aspect of online gaming, as it measures the latency between the player and the server. The higher your ping, the more lag you will experience when trying to build walls on games like Fortnite, so playing on a low ping connection can give you an advantage over other players.

Tfue has been streaming out of New York City, playing close to the NA East Coast servers and enjoying zero ping, a fact he has been sure to reference in his stream titles – and something that Ninja has clearly noticed based on his funny dig aimed at the pro player.

Instagram: FaZeTfue has been in New York City while his lawsuit against FaZe Clan continues.

While streaming with long-time duos partner Malachi ‘Reverse2k’ Grenier, the former Halo pro was asked by his teammate what his ping was currently at, as Ninja is currently in Los Angeles for the Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am.

“Dude, what’s your ping?” asked Reverse2k. “Nine,” responded the 28-year-old as he watched it drop. “Three. Zero.”

“Let me put it in my title every time I go live! I forgot to tweet that I’m on zero ping, my bad.”

Reverse2k could only laugh, before telling Ninja: “You’re so toxic!”

This isn’t the first time Ninja has appeared to take a shot at Tfue. Back in April, the streamer joked that he was going to include Tenney in the title of his YouTube video after he eliminated him from a match.

The pair even went head-to-head in a crucial World Cup qualifying match, with Ninja once again getting the better of the Fortnite star. Ninja even made a joke at Tfue’s expense regarding his on-going lawsuit against FaZe Clan, saying that people should call him ‘TSue’.

With the pair largely recognized as the biggest content creators that Fortnite has to offer, it seems the two aren’t content to let the other overpass, and it’s likely that their rivalry will continue on.


Alexandra Botez responds to creepy Twitch viewer asking to see her feet

Published: 29/Oct/2020 23:01

by Michael Gwilliam


Twitch streamer and chess guru Alexandra Botez wasn’t going to put up with trolls asking to see her feet during a live stream.

During the broadcast, as Botez was challenging players in chess, a viewer decided to ask the streamer if they could see her feet – something that promoted a hilarious response from Alexandra.

“Sir, you’re not seeing… you know what,” the frustrated streamer began, before pausing with a smirk. “I’m going to show you what’s on my feet, and you’re going to stop asking.”

With that, the 25-year-old lifted up her shoe and showed it off in front of the camera.

Alexandra Botez holds a shoe
Mess with the Botez, get the shoe.

“I’m wearing these clogs, okay? This is all you need to know. And if you would ask me that in person, I would turn into Romanian Botez,” she added.

Next, Alexandra pretended to smack the person with her clog while rambling on in Romanian.

“And I would hit you in the head with my shoe,” she warned. “And you wouldn’t see feet because your vision would be blurry.”

Amusingly, after that whole rant, the streamer went right back into challenging whoever she wanted to play next, as if the whole foot fiasco never even happened.

Fans have requested feet before

This isn’t the first time that Alexandra has been asked to show her feet, oddly enough. Earlier in 2020, a viewer donated $3 and asked the streamer to reveal her highly fetishized body part.

Instead of showing them off, however, she simply drew a foot on a piece of paper and held it up for the camera, which confused her two on-stream guests.

“Someone donated to show feet,” she explained, prompting some laughs in the chat.

While Botez has handled the foot remarks quite well thus far, the next time someone dares to ask the chess queen to slip off her shoes to expose her feet, they could be getting a clog to the skull.