Ninja makes surprise return to Twitch with Fortnite stream

David Purcell
Ninja broadcasts on Twitch.

Fans of Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins might have thought they were seeing things as the streaming star made a surprise return to streaming on Twitch, with over 95,000 viewers pouring into his livestream. 

The streaming sensation is quite possibly the hottest free agent on the market right now, after his exclusive deal with Mixer was cut short. The Microsoft-owned firm closed down its operation on June 25, leaving himself and fellow streamer Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek available for other platforms to sign.

While shroud has been dropping some big hints about a return to Valorant, potentially as a pro player, Ninja appears to have went back to his roots.

On August 5, he launched his PC and decided to come back onto Twitch to stream Fortnite with Benjamin ‘Dr Lupo’ Lupo – like the good old days.

Ninja countdown on Twitch
It’s been a long time since fans saw this countdown on Ninja’s Twitch channel.

Ninja shocks fans with Twitch livestream

Ninja had reached tremendous heights on Twitch in the past, once hitting over 250,000 subscribers on his channel. Now, though, things are a little different to say the least.

It only took a few minutes for him to reference decisions taken to remove his subscribe button, not having the ability to choose VIPs, and missing a whole bunch of features he used to have access to.

After that, though, he decided to address the elephant in the room – sort of.

“OK, so I’m kind of in a thing, but not really. There’s obviously other people…” he said, and left it at that. Potentially, this means he will be streaming on both Twitch and YouTube again, as we’ve seen him do in the past.

He described his relationship status as “complicated” during the starting segment of the stream, after being prompted by Lupo.

Ninja has expressed interest in everything from YouTube streaming to Hollywood in recent times, but his reappearance on Twitch shows he’s not entirely done with the audience he built up on there – many of which still follow his channel.

Will he be staying on Twitch for good? Who knows at this point, but one thing is for sure, all sorts of huge deals are on the table for him to sign. Soon enough, we’ll find out where his permanent home for streaming will be.

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