Shroud drops another cryptic Valorant teaser during streaming break

Shroud looking at Valorant imageRiot Games / Shroud, Twitter

Popular content creator Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek has released another Valorant themed teaser, hinting at a major return to Riot’s FPS title following his silence on social media after Mixer’s shutdown.

Since Mixer announced that it would be shutting down on June 22, it left stars such as Shroud and Ninja free to decide on their next moves after their contracts were, reportedly, paid out in full.

Following the closure of Microsoft’s platform, Shroud has maintained his silence on social media, only breaking it to share some Valorant-themed clues about his upcoming return.

The first hint shroud shared was a GIF released on July 31, which briefly revealed an image of the Valorant agent Omen on the barrel of a gun.

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While it is unclear what exactly he has in store, the clues have led many to theorize that he could be returning to compete at a professional level in Riot’s FPS.

The streaming star released yet another teaser on August 4 and, similarly to the first one, the short GIF featured some Valorant weapons and gameplay being reflected on a knife.

Shroud previously stated that, despite enjoying the tactical shooter, his obligations to stream were preventing him from “playing at the top” on Valorant.

However, now that he is no longer signed with a streaming service, the Canadian star is free to stream as little as he wants, meaning that he could dedicate more time to competing if he chooses to do so.

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Shroud has also yet to reveal which platform he will share his future content on and fans suggested that the teasers could simply be hinting at a new streaming deal.

As of now, it is unclear just what shroud could announce but more information will likely be revealed in the coming weeks.