Nikita Dragun responds to “fake” screenshots of old racist Tweets

Virginia Glaze
Nikita Dragun speaks to the camera during a video.

[jwplayer mgzBNoPb]YouTube star and model Nikita Dragun has come under fire for racist Tweets she allegedly made in 2012 — but the influencer is hitting back at the “fake” accusations against her.

Nikita Dragun is a popular personality in YouTube’s makeup and beauty scene, likewise boasting a substantial following on Instagram, and is best known for documenting her transition for fans starting in 2014.

Despite her status as a social media superstar and an advocate for trans rights, Dragun has come under fire for multiple infractions as of late, including Tweets that surfaced in late July that sported racist comments.

Nikita’s purported Tweets included both racist remarks and even comments appearing to advocate for “child abuse,” causing many fans speaking out against the posts, which were purportedly published in 2012.

“Imagine being Black?” one Tweet read. “I could never.”

“We’ve all met a child that makes us realize ‘child abuse’ began for a reason,” said another.

However, Dragun has firmly denied the claims that she ever made the Tweets, posting in an Instagram story, “These Tweets are faker than my a**.”

Nikita Dragun denies having published racist Tweets.
YouTuber Nikita Dragun was quick to deny having published the faked Tweets circling the net.

While Dragun has debunked the shocking claims concerning the fake Tweets, this isn’t the only matter the influencer has faced backlash for as of late; she has likewise faced criticism from viewers after throwing multiple parties for other social media stars, including a 22nd birthday bash in honor of TikToker ‘Larray.’

The party came under scrutiny last week, which saw the attendance of names like Hype House co-founder Thomas Petrou, beauty guru James Charles and even TikTok queen Charli D’Amelio.

Nikita Dragun responds to backlash after organizing a party at the Hype House.
Nikita Dragun has also addressed backlash over organizing a party at the Hype House.

While Larray apologized for the gathering via Twitter, Dragun has yet to reply to the backlash — although in response to a subsequent party at the Hype House, clarified that she’d only partied with members of the group who were already living there.

Despite the current outrage surrounding Nikita Dragun, the star has clarified that the shocking screenshots circling the net are fake — a similar scenario that happened to James Charles last year.

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