NIJISANJI star Enna Alouette asks fans to stop clipping unarchived streams

Andrew Amos
VTuber Enna Alouette from NIJISANJI

Enna Alouette has been throwing some unarchived streams into the mix for her Aloupeeps, but clippers have been making them public. After an entire stream was uploaded by a third-party, the NIJISANJI star nudged fans to stop clipping those streams as it affects her future content schedule.

It’s been a busy period for Enna Alouette. The NIJISANJI VTuber hit 400,000 subscribers in mid-August, and the third English generation member is gearing up for her first anniversary in October.

However as her stream schedule ramps up with crazy collaborations, she has been trying to do some more personal streams to her dedicated Alouettes, unarchiving them for later rebroadcast.

It’s an unofficial rule in the VTuber community if a big streamer, agency-signed or independent, streams without archiving (saving the VOD), fans should do their best to not recirculate clips from it.

That hasn’t stopped some from targeting Enna’s recent English karaoke stream on September 3 as she pushed through a bit of a fever to put on a show for her Aloupeeps. She was planning on rebroadcasting it at a later date, but the clips circulating make that harder.

In response, the star asked fans to be considerate of what they clip as it can impact her future content.

“I’ve been told there’s been a lot of clipping on my unarchived English karaoke, and while I super appreciate that, technically that’s not really supposed to happen,” Enna said on Twitter. “There’s even the entire stream uploaded which defeats the purpose of my rebroadcast.

She made a plea to clippers out there to take down their VODs of the unarchived stream, and asked her followers to stay vigilant and look out for any clips. Enna doesn’t want her fans to start pestering clippers though ⁠— it’s just a reminder — and any archived stream is fair game.

“If possible, please take it down or if you see it, please let the people who have been uploading, know! There’s not much I can really do about it but I promise we can do more English karaoke since they are going to be unarchived. 

“Don’t be upset at the people who were uploading the unarchived stream. I didn’t clarify it and even if it were still public it doesn’t affect me directly. Please never show any sort of aggression to anybody on my behalf, gentle reminders only.”

Most have obliged with the liver’s request since the tweet, and with more karaoke to come, there won’t be any shortage of chances to see her perform. And if you really wanted to see that specific karaoke, it’s being rebroadcast on September 10 for all to see.

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