NICKMERCS slams HusKerrs for “dirty rat energy” after flexing his viewership

NICKMERCS slams HusKerrs for dirty rat energy after flexing his viewershipTwitter: @NICKMERCS, @HusKerrs

Popular streamer NICKMERCS is never one to back down from voicing his opinions. After a clip of him calling out a viewer went viral, he didn’t hold back from HusKerrs and his girlfriend, p90princess, who called him out.

Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has made a name for himself being a top Battle Royale player and entertainer. From competing in Fortnite, Warzone, to Apex he has made quite the living off these games.

The Twitch streamer was minding his own business just vibing with his chat when a viewer decided to call out his low number of views on YouTube.

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NICKMERCS opted to take this moment to hit back at this viewer and let him know that it doesn’t matter what his views are because he’s making a ton of money.

NICKMERCS responds to hater in his chat

In a clip from his stream, you can hear NICKMERCS hitting back at a hater in his chat that was bringing negative energy. The viewer was pointing out his recent Apex Legends YouTube videos and how they weren’t pulling the same views as the Warzone ones.

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“Bro those views that we’re getting right now on YouTube makes money than your family sees in a f**king year, in a month.” He also added that he just enjoys playing certain games right now and he will continue to upload what he wants.

While he didn’t engage further with the person that came at him, other streamers were quick to voice their opinions on the situation.

NICKMERCS calls out HusKerrs and p90princess

Streamer FooYa praised NICKMERCS saying to normalize flexing on people who are rude in chat. However, HusKerrs’ girlfriend, p90princess, did not take this lightly. She immediately mocked the “Peace & love” motto that Nick uses.

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She also claimed that “This is his go-to thing to flex to people. He did it to HusKerrs too. It’s wild.” Back in May of 2021, Warzone streamer HusKerrs addressed his issues with Nick over a tournament.

NICKMERCS didn’t hold back the way he felt either. He called out both HusKerrs and his girlfriend’s “dirty rat energy” claiming they’re mad he pulls more viewers than them regardless of what he streams.

Nick is one of Twitch’s top streamers and even on his workout streams, he pulls tons of viewers. Meanwhile, HusKerrs, who has reached the finals of big Warzone tournaments isn’t coming close to matching his viewer count.

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NICKMERCS ends his little rant with “Suck to suck. Be better.” No matter what side you’re on, it seems that NICKMERCS will continue to be himself and entertain his viewers the way he wants to — even if that means beefing with other streamers along the way.

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