NELK boys stopped by secret service after plans to crash a rally

Georgina Smith
Image of the NELK boys next to image of them being apprehended by secret service

Hugely popular YouTuber collective the NELK boys are in hot water once again, after they were halted by the secret service at the airport following their plans to crash a political rally.

The NELK boys are most well known for their outrageous pranks, building a subscriber base of almost 6 million through their crazy antics. Their fiercely loyal fans are never far behind the boys, arriving in hordes wherever their favorite YouTubers go.

They haven’t secured their popularity without getting in trouble several times, however. After hosting two huge meetups in one day, as well as a party at Illinois University where students who attended could be fined up to $750, the group were slammed by law enforcement and frustrated social media users.

NELK Boys party
The NELK Boys crazy lifestyle is what fans love to see — but recently some have tried to cancel them for it.

Crashing events is by no means unfamiliar to the boys, as they were kicked out of a rally in September after trolling the attendees, a video that ended up getting over 6 million views and 400,000 likes.

However, this time around, on October 10, they weren’t able to get as far as the “Fighters Against Socialism” rally in Florida, getting stopped at Tampa airport by the secret service, after getting wind that they were heading to disrupt another gathering.

In a copy of the trespass warning issued to NELK member Salim, the justification for the authorities’ involvement read “subject made posts on social media referring to his intentions to disrupt an event being held at the Tampa convention center.”

Image of NELK boy's trespass warning
Image of Salim’s trespass warning, received at Tampa airport.

Yet this didn’t stop the boys from causing chaos in other ways, as hours after the incident they posted videos of a cramped looking party in Tampa, with the caption “it’s getting rowdy in Florida.”

Despite the warning, it’s unlikely that the NELK boys will be halting their antics anytime soon, as thus far nothing else has stopped them.