NELK boys’ Stevewilldoit & Bradley Martyn stage “gym protest” in LA

Alice Hearing
Stevewilldoit stages protest on YouTube

NELK Boys’ Steve “Stevewilldoit” Deleonardis and fitness YouTuber Bradley Martyn took to the streets of Los Angeles on Monday, August 3 to stage a gym “brotest.”

Stevewilldoit uploaded the video of the protest to his YouTube channel on Thursday, with all the strange antics caught on camera — and it looked as insane as it sounds.

Stevewilldoit is a popular  YouTube personality with more than 2.5 million YouTube subscribers. He is also a part of the NELK Boys, who have built a massive fan base for their entertaining weekly vlogs and prank series on YouTube.

Stevewilldoit and Bradley Martyn on Instagram
Steve and Bradley have an ongoing “feud” where they play pranks on each other

Steve was joined by YouTuber and fitness coach Bradley Martyn who is also the co-founder of Zoo Culture Gym, where part of the protest was staged. The pair have an ongoing “feud,” as they constantly prank one another on their channels. Bradley admitted in the video that his gym was still open despite government advice, revealing that he was charging $50 for a day pass.

The protest looked massive, with a huge crowd filmed meeting the YouTube stars outside of Bradley’s gym holding up signs that read “Gym Lives Matter” and “Big Lats Matter.”

Bradley said the crowd was “definitely more than I expected,” and they handed out free merchandise to the protesters and even some equipment from the gym itself.

Addressing the crowd, Steve said: “I don’t think I’d be where I am right now without the gym.”

Bradley said that they were protesting to open up the gyms because they’re important for mental and physical health. He said: “Although we have all this stuff going on in the world, I think that people sometimes lose sight of the physical health support for all of us and the mental health support for all of us.”

As the crowd marched in the street, Steve occasionally dropped to the ground to do push-ups, and frequently took sips of liquor from a large bottle, in what can only be described as exactly what you might expect from the 21-year-old.