Gym-goer has internet split with viral videos of entering gym with random items

Connor Bennett
Man taking selfie alongside photo of drink being scannedInstagram: Cade Combs

A gym-goer has been going super viral across Instagram and TikTok as he manages to ‘enter’ gyms with a wide variety of random items, however, some viewers aren’t buying it. 

Checking into the gym can cause a few headaches. Some gyms allow you to scan a QR code, some want a personal code typed out on a keypad, and others need you to scan a card. So, if there are any technical issues, your workout is getting delayed. 

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However, Instagram user Cade Combs has seemingly gotten around all of those potential problems. The gym-goer has been going viral over the last few weeks as he’s been heading to gyms like Planet Fitness and checking in with some random items. 

In a few of his videos, Cade swaps his gym entry card for a frying pan, swimming pool noodle, a Stanley Cup, and even a box of cereal. In all of them, he approaches the card swipe machine, swipes his random item, and then gets the beep needed to enter the gym. 

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Man goes viral entering gyms with random items every day

The gym-goer has been on over a three-week streak of not being caught as he enters the same Planet Fitness each time. Though, he has mixed in some other gyms to try and prove that the staff aren’t in on things.

Some of his Instagram reels have gone super viral over the last few weeks, hitting up to 47 million views on his Honey Nut Cheerios attempt. Naturally, the videos have blown some viewers away as they can’t believe what they’re seeing. 

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“You should scan your hand and say “beep” out loud,” one viewer urged. “No gym is safe from you,” another added. “Can’t wait for this man to check in with a trampoline or something,” another said.

Other viewers aren’t buying the videos, though. “You never actually see the barcode, the card is taped to all that stuff,” one claimed. “This is Planet Fitness, people there don’t get paid enough to care lol. Try LA Fitness,” another added. 

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Some viewers have also questioned why Cade says he has a three-week streak going but hasn’t uploaded daily videos. 

The gym-goer hasn’t responded to any of the questions and has continued to post his viral videos, and it doesn’t seem like he will stop anytime soon.

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