NELK Boys’ Jesse explains why he stopped making videos with the YouTube group

NELK Boys Jesse stopped appearing NELK videosInstagram: mtvjesse

NELK Boys fans have noticed the sharp decline in how many of their videos founding member Jesse Sebastiani is appearing in — and now he’s explained the reasons for his absence.

Throughout 2020, Jesse became a far more infrequent personality in the pranksters’ YouTube videos, to the point where he is simply no longer in them except on very rare occasions.

He’s not removed himself from the group completely, though. Jesse has started putting out videos on the Full Send YouTube channel, which gives fans a little more behind the scenes access to see how he helps run the brand.

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Kyle has already addressed the issue, saying that Jesse felt “burned out” from their videos. Now, Jesse himself has explained the decision behind becoming less of a fixture in NELK’s main channel videos.

Kyle and Jesse of NELK Boys Full Send merchInstagram: mtvjesse
Jesse’s appearance in NELK videos is now a rare treat for fans.

Appearing on The Bootleg Kev podcast, Jesse explained himself to fans.

The first thing Jesse pointed out was that he has been sober for “6 or 7 months now” as of February 8. With how much partying, drinking and debauchery is a part of NELK’s content, that’s probably not the best environment for someone trying to stay sober.

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Jesse added that he took a break and came back to “what he really wanted to be doing” — the clothing and background side of the NELK and Full Send brands. Within a week of doing that, he says, he realized that it just made sense for him to be sticking to that side of things.

As Jesse says, Kyle has taken on the NELK channel and he is working to make their Send Club subscription service a competitive content platform against the likes of Hulu and Netflix. He aims to make it akin to MTV from several years ago: content to serve their teen and young adult demographic.

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While many have questioned what exactly is going on with Jesse as his NELK appearances slowed down, it’s become apparent that he’s doing a whole lot for the company.

Revealing that they’re opening a 14,000ft warehouse and signing comedians to create Send Club content, we may not have seen the best of Jesse and NELK yet.

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