Musician goes viral on TikTok after releasing debut album on Game Boy Advance

Zackerie Fairfax
tiktok album released on game boy

A musician on TikTok recently went viral after re-releasing their debut album on Game Boy Advance cartridges, and yes, you can buy a copy.

Musical artists often re-release their older projects on different mediums for fans to grow their collections. We’ve seen artists release albums on 12-inch vinyl records or outdated cassette tapes just for the novelty of having a unique piece of memorabilia.

This can sometimes be taken to the extreme when artists lock their music behind a specific platform. For example, country music artist Garth Brooks signed a multi-year exclusive deal with Wal-Mart making it the only way for fans to enjoy his music. Also, Kanye West recently released Donda 2 on his Stem Player and stated it won’t be made available anywhere else.

However, electronic dance musician Slow Magic is taking a fairly creative route to make his music available on the widest variety of platforms.

slow magic musician
Slow Magic is a electronic dance musician who recently went viral on TikTok

Triangle now available on GBA

On April 20, Slow Magic posted a TikTok announcing his debut album “Triangle” is available on Game Boy Advance. He’s shown inserting the custom cartridge into a Game Boy Advance SP and shuffling through a few songs.

The album also features visuals for each song including the official music videos for their respective tracks. And the limited run is available to purchase right now.

The Game Boy Advance release is a limited run in celebration of the album’s 10-year anniversary. It comes with a Game Boy Advance game box featuring the album artwork and tracklist.

The TikTok states that the cartridge works with any Game Boy Advance system, and they demo the experience on a custom GBA SP.

You can buy Slow Magic’s Triangle album for the Game Boy Advance for $40 USD via the OasisLTD Bandcamp.

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