TikToker actually orders $500 worth of seafood and the internet can’t believe it

Virginia Glaze
TikTok: damienneflagler

A TikToker is going viral on social media after ordering a whopping $500 worth of seafood without realizing how expensive her meal would be… and the internet can’t believe their eyes.

When it comes to food, TikTok is king. The popular video app has spawned a slew of food trends, including that viral baked feta pasta and even crispy-crunchy pasta chips, among other delectable dishes.

However, TikTok is also known for the occasional jaw-dropping food-related debacle… the latest of which saw a woman order a lineup of seafood that we can only describe as truly impressive.

Hair stylist Damienne Flagler already boasts over half a million followers on TikTok and over 9 million likes — but this time, she’s going viral for a subject that isn’t related to beauty.

Viral feta pasta on TikTokYouTube: Feelsgoodfoodie
This baked feta pasta took over TikTok – and it’s still trending to this day.

TikToker’s $500 seafood order goes viral

On April 17, Flagler shared her experience at ‘The Boiler’ seafood restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia, and it’s sending the internet for a loop.

She took her viewers through a total of eight items from the menu, including: Two blue rock-candy martinis, an order of fried crab cakes, seafood egg rolls, fried cheese sticks, sweet potato fries, a boil bag (with lobster tail, crawfish, snow crab, and all the fixings), and fried king crab — all of which she, in her own words, “demolished.”

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“Y’all, I couldn’t believe how good these crabs were,” she said. “Y’all have got to try this place, man, but I gotta keep it 100 with y’all… this is not a cheap date!”

It turns out that Flagler’s dining experience ended up costing her a whopping $527.37 — an amount she says she wasn’t exactly prepared for.

“I didn’t even realize the king crab was $200!” she admitted.

danielle flagler tiktok receiptTikTok: damienneflagler
Damienne’s receipt ran upwards of $500 – with viewers noting a hefty automatic gratuity included in the charges.

Her video has been viewed over 1.5 million times on TikTok and is going viral over on Twitter, as well, where netizens are sharing their humorous takes on the situation.

This is the latest viral food-related moment to take over TikTok, following the app’s ongoing ‘Sprite Challenge.’ (Which sounds like a lovely drink pairing to go with The Boiler’s rock-candy martini.)