TikToker’s Airbnb stay goes viral after gruesome discovery

TikToker scared of airbnb discoveryPexels/TikTok

A viral clip showcasing the disturbing state of a TikToker’s Airbnb has gone viral, with some users freaked out over a possible crime scene at the house while others are trying to make sense of it all.

With more people around the world resuming their lives and getting ready to travel again, Airbnbs come in handy by letting anyone with a property rent their space out.

By being far less expensive than hotels, Airbnbs are a great way for travelers to save money and sometimes have even more space than they would at motels or hostels.

However, for TikToker Emily Holland, her girls’ weekend quickly turned into a horror story after she discovered her Airbnb could have been the scene of a crime.

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Airbnb “crime scene” goes viral on TikTok

After checking into her Airbnb, Emily revealed that the house had some major issues that the owner probably should have disclosed.

First, the TikToker showed some major damage to one of the walls before she moved onto a bedroom to reveal an even scarier find.

In a bedroom, the wall next to the bed was covered in what appeared to be blood spatter, with some even soaked into the carpet. Upon further inspection, there was even more of the red substance behind the bed, too.

TikTok crime sceneTikTok/emilyr0drigz
TikTok users think the Airbnb was the scene of a crime.

The video itself raised some red flags from viewers, who began debating if there was a crime in the Airbnb or if it was some sort of art project gone wrong.

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“Either there was a murder five minutes before you arrived or it’s red polish,” one user wrote.

“Baby, that’s a crime scene,” another said.

Tiktok airbnb wall damageTikTok/emilyr0drigz
The wall damage was just the beginning of TikTok’s concern.

“Ok lowkey I knocked a candle off a table at an Airbnb once after blowing it out & wax got everywhere. Maybe it’s that?” someone else pondered.

So far, it’s not known if the Airbnb was the scene of a crime or not, and Emily hasn’t updated viewers on her discovery or if she decided to check out.

In any case, since being uploaded, the clip has been viewed over 550,000 times in less than three days and users are hoping she can post a part 2 soon and explain more of what happened. Until then, this is one mystery that seems to have the internet stumped.

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