MTG confirms winners will be announced for $50k MrBeast challenge

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MrBeast Magic The Gathering

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson and Wizards of the Coast’s Magic: The Gathering competition appears to have gone awry, as no MTG player has emerged as the recipient of the prize money. Wizards have since assured fans that winners will be announced.

YouTube’s resident philanthropist and superstar, MrBeast, joined the official Friday Night Magic MTG stream on behalf of Wizards of the Coast, where he challenged players to knock him off his pedestal.

Two of these lucky players would win $25,000, meaning that a total of $50,000 was up for grabs during the event.

It appears, however, that no winner has been announced and, in turn, no money collected despite the event taking place on 23 April. This has led some to believe that the event itself was not intended to have a winner, and was instead a scam.

MTG X MrBeast
It appears that MrBeast’s MTG stream hasn’t ended quite as intended.

MTG players claim Wizards X MrBeast was a scam

In a recent Reddit thread, one player has claimed to have reached out to Wizards to get a copy of the winners for the MrBeast event. They were given the idea by another Redditor, who hadn’t gotten a response to their enquiry.

They write that “over a month ago, I came across a thread in which someone pointed out that you could ask for the list of the winners of the MrBeast event, and that they were still waiting on an answer while having made their request 2 weeks before. That got me curious, so I decided to also email them on May 25.”

From here, they sent a request as per the company’s official instructions and claim that, as of June 28, no reply has been received.

“Point 14 of the event’s rules (very bottom of the page) states that individuals can send a request at before the June 23 in order to get a copy of the winners list. So I did that – one month before the deadline – but to this day, still no answer! The only thing that’s in my mailbox is the email confirming that my ticket was sent and received.”

The person who initially brought up the confusing situation has responded to this comment, noting that: “I am probably the OP of the thread you mentioned and I can confirm, that I also haven’t got any further response from them after the initial confirmation that they received my request. I updated my ticket after 2 weeks with no response and one week later but didn’t receive anything.”

They clarify that they’ve also tried to reach out on other platforms, but all to no avail.

This bizarre sequence of events has led to many players believing that the event was never supposed to have a winner from the start, therefore making it a scam.

“In my opinion, the giveaway was flawed from the start (or intentionally designed to have a big chance of no winner at all) because there was most likely a big number of ineligible participants, either by age or country of residence. And each winner had a period of 10 or 14 days (not sure anymore) to claim the prize and if no one claims the prize, they MAY look for another winner, which they might do once but if no winners are found in the second round, I doubt they will try again to find another winner.”

byu/Naerlyn from discussion

Many of the respondents to the thread, however, want that this judgment may be premature, with one considering the possibility that “something went wrong and then instead of fixing it, they covered it up,” before calling the idea of the competition as being the front for a scam “unlikely.”

MrBeast X MTG
Despite some confusion regarding the winners, Wizards of the Coast assured us that all is well.

Wizards of the Coast respond

After reaching out for comment, Wizards of the Coast have assured Dexerto that winners have been selected and will be announced soon.

They informed us that “we do have two winners for the NM at Home: Featuring MrBeast event, and we will be announcing them publicly soon.”

So for those hoping to catch a glimpse of the lucky winners, all will be revealed in due time!

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