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MrBeast is pitting these top YouTubers against one another for a $100,000 prize

Published: 8/Dec/2018 23:13 Updated: 8/Dec/2018 23:16

by Virginia Glaze


Popular YouTuber Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is back at it again with another, crazy challenge – this time, using some of YouTube’s biggest names in an insane contest for $100,000.

MrBeast entertained the idea of remaking one of his previous challenge videos – particularly the one where he challenged a group of his friends to stay inside of a spray-painted circle for as long as they could in order to win $10,000.

However, he has since changed this challenge to include some of YouTube’s biggest stars, rather than his usual group of buddies. MrBeast recruited FaZe’s Rug, Adapt, and Rain, as well as YouTubers Danny Duncan, Caspar Lee, Callux, and even Fortnite pro Tfue’s brother, JOOGSQUAD. Also in the mix are Alex Earnst, Craig Thompson, Leon Lush, and Will Lenney. The more, the merrier!


In addition to his star-studded cast, MrBeast has likewise switched up the rules; the competitors will not be allowed to sit down during the duration of the challenge, and will wear vests that MrBeast will increase in weight by one pound each hour. 

In keeping with his previous video, audiences can expect the the combatants to grow intensely weary of their predicament, which will likely lead up to a hilarious conclusion.

MrBeast’s invited YouTubers have since uploaded their own videos responding to the challenge, with the likes of FaZe Rug even training up in advance in an effort to cop the cash.


According to MrBeast’s Tweets, three YouTubers have already been eliminated from the circle as of December 8 – although we won’t know who they are until he uploads his video on the insane stunt.