MrBeast jokes about almost “going bankrupt” over his free store promotion

Virginia Glaze

Popular YouTuber Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is known for both his insane challenge videos and his habit for giving out free cash, as evidenced by his June 15 video, where he and his crew opened up a “free store.”

Unlike his $1 store from late January, this time, MrBeast and co. let shoppers haul off with one item each – for absolutely free.

MrBeast’s video on the topic saw a slew of shoppers from throughout his community take part in the festivities, “buying” everything from gaming consoles to HD TVs, which he’d purchased from a tech store – and even a bag of blackened bananas.

Of course, MrBeast isn’t one to withhold his generosity, and even gave out wads of cash to customers via his “rewards program” (meaning that the lucky guy who made off with the bananas got $500 in compensation).

The former mayor of MrBeast’s city also made a showing for the project, sharing his favorite video from the squad and claiming that he was up to participate in their next crazy stunt.

MrBeast’s “free store” didn’t go off without a hitch, however; the YouTuber shared a few mishaps that occurred prior to the video’s upload on June 15, claiming that some shoppers had traveled to the location of his $1 store, instead, while others waited in line outside his new store a full day before it was scheduled to open.

The YouTuber even joked that he was “going bankrupt” due to giving away the free goodies, claiming that his “investors” would be angry at their lack of profit – prompting him to plug his merch, instead.

MrBeast claimed that his inspiration for the free store stemmed from his $1 shop in January, admitting that he didn’t want shoppers to “to not be able to afford stuff.”

While MrBeast is hailed as a good Samaritan throughout the internet, he’s doing more than giving out wads of cash: the YouTuber is even opening his own homeless shelter, as announced in a Tweet on June 12.

Despite many approving of his idea, some fans pointed out that MrBeast’s funds would be better spent supporting existing shelters, prompting him to reply that he might switch up his idea in the future – possibly opting for a food bank, instead.

Whatever the case may be, there’s no denying that MrBeast has made a wholesome impact on the YouTube community at large, reaching a whopping 20 million subscribers on the platform in the process.

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