MrBeast stuns small streamer with $11k donation for his birthday

Georgina Smith
MrBeast and VloopPlays in images side by side

Small streamer VloopPlays had the best reaction when YouTuber MrBeast stopped by his stream to donate $11,000, just because it was his birthday.

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is one of YouTube’s most popular creators. With over 55 million followers on his main channel, he’s seen huge success on the site, his unique and often philanthropic content earning him tons of loyal supporters.

But it’s not just his main channel where he gives back to friends and supporters. Since 2020, the star has also been running a second channel called MrBeast Gaming, where (as the name implies) he does plenty of gaming and Twitch-related content.

Sometimes he rounds up his followers to participate in huge gaming challenges, but this time he chose to drop by different streams, and offer the creator a large sum of money for completing a random task.

MrBeast issues $10k Minecraft parkour challenge
MrBeast often creates Minecraft challenges for his viewers to participate in.

This time around he gave a kid $10,000 for guessing the right country in GeoGuesser, gave someone $500 for every bench press they could do, and more. But the most wholesome reaction came from a 45-year-old streamer from Brazil, VloopPlays, who has just under 350 followers on Twitch.

Jimmy swung by his birthday stream and donated a whopping $10,000 along with the simple message: “I heard today is your birthday.”

Vloop stared at the screen in disbelief, baffled by the randomly huge donation. “No, this is not happening, is it? Wait, what? Is this real? There’s too much happening right now!” he exclaimed.

Topic starts at 7:06

The delighted streamer then went on to say that he was going to donate half of the money to charity, with MrBeast then donating an additional $1k to say: “glad you’re happy.”

Vloop finished by saying: “man, you’re amazing, thank you. I’m gonna help my mom, Jesus, I can help my mom with stuff in here.”

MrBeast, Karl, and Chris looked delighted by the streamer’s reaction to the unexpected gift, clearly pleased that they’d stumbled across that stream in particular.

The other donation recipients were all shocked by MrBeast’s sudden appearance in their stream, and other small creators will now no doubt be keeping a close eye out for any appearances from the YouTuber in their chat.

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