Small YouTube channel gains 100k subs in one day after MrBeast shoutout

Mr Beast side by side with YouTubers Amelia and BridieYouTube: MrBeast / Instagram: bridiemeredith

After MrBeast gave some shoutouts to small YouTuber channels in his 2020 rewind, one channel named ‘Amelia and Bridie’ gained 100,000 subscribers in less than a day.

Following YouTube’s decision not to create their own Rewind at the end of 2020, Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson decided to take matters into his own hands and produce his own version of the yearly roundup.

The highly anticipated video featured a range of creators from YouTube to TikTok, and Jimmy even managed to prank his viewers by acting as if he would do a face reveal for Minecraft YouTuber Dream, only to reveal it was a prank.

How to watch Mr Beast YouTube Rewind 2020YouTube: MrBeast
MrBeast’s version of the YouTube wrap-up was highly anticipated by many.

But being MrBeast, he can’t go a whole video without doing some kind of good deed for friends and strangers, and at the end of the Rewind decided to shout out a few small YouTube channels to send his many viewers their way.

One of these channels was Amelia and Bridie, lifestyle YouTubers from Australia, who before MrBeast’s unexpected shoutout had only around 400 subs.

Jimmy had a huge bowl of names in front of him where he said he would pluck a few names out and shout out the small channels he picked. The chances were naturally very slim, but it was Amelio and Bridie who were among the chosen names.

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That shoutout more than paid off for the sisters, as at the time of writing they have over 100,000 subscribers, in only 16 hours since the Rewind was uploaded.

In a video reacting to the huge influx of followers, the pair said: “Thank you so much for supporting small YouTubers. That was honestly the biggest, best present ever, and a great start to the year, like what the heck?”

MrBeast’s version of the Rewind has also done tremendously well, already with over 16 million views and no doubt plenty more to come.

This ability to blow up smaller channels is just one example of the power of MrBeast and his passionate fanbase.