MrBeast reveals why he turned down $1 billion offer for his YouTube channel

Brad Norton
MrBeast next to moneyYouTube: MrBeast

MrBeast has revealed that he once turned down a staggering $1 billion offer for his YouTube channels and associated brands in MrBeast Burger and Feastables.

There’s no denying that MrBeast is one of the biggest stars on the internet today. While his English-speaking YouTube channels combine for just under 200 million subscribers, that’s just the tip of the iceberg for his overall reach.

Foreign language channels with custom dubbing, an entire food chain in MrBeast Burger, and even his own chocolate brand in Feastables. His team has built an ever-growing behemoth over the years and naturally, it’s worth a pretty penny.

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Without divulging all the specifics, MrBeast just revealed on the FLAGRANT podcast that he was even offered $1 billion for control of his sprawling content empire. Ultimately, he opted to decline in order to maintain full control over all the moving pieces.

“I have been offered a pretty crazy [deal],” MrBeast told FLAGRANT co-host Andrew Schulz in a September 27 episode of the show. “Not official term sheets, but people that would actually be able to afford it… a billion dollars if we could own the channel and the companies.”

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Admittedly, the offer was “enticing” when it first came up in conversation. However, the YouTube star didn’t bite. “I don’t know if I want to work for my YouTube channel,” he explained.

(MrBeast discusses the $1 billion offer at the 2:55:13 mark below)

Having built his YouTube success from scratch, along with the associated companies in recent years, MrBeast isn’t quite ready to give up full control and work for a new owner. While he wasn’t able to reveal who the interested party was, he assured their offer was legitimate.

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“Not a term sheet,” he repeated, “but people who would. If I took it serious, they would’ve been like ‘Okay, let’s figure it out.’ I can’t go any further than that.”

Clearly not looking to sell at this point in time, MrBeast has a more ambitious price tag in mind for a possible deal at some stage in the future. “$10 billion. $20 billion,” he said. “Something like that” would make him more comfortable handing over the keys to his kingdom. “In the future, I think we could be worth way more.”

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