MrBeast reveals how much he could have made on GameStop stock instead of buying out a store

mrbeast holding pile of games at gamestopInstagram: mrbeast

YouTube sensation Jimmy ‘Mr Beast’ Donaldson has revealed the staggering amount of money he could have made, if he decided to invest the money he spent on buying a GameStop store into GameStop stock.

Ever since his YouTube channel took off like it had a rocket strapped to its back, MrBeast has become well renowned for his incredible generosity. He’ll give away houses to fans for their creativity in Minecraft, and even offer up $1,000,000 to whoever can hold on to it longest.

In one of his most recent giveaways, the YouTube star bought out five different stores of their stock – including a grocery store, a clothes store, and a GameStop. All in all, he spent a pretty penny.

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However, given the recent phenomenon around GameStop stock, the YouTuber reflected on how much he could have made if he invested.

mrbeast smileInstagram: mrbeast
Mr Beast bought out a handful of stores in his video – including GameStop.

On January 29, MrBeast poked fun at the situation with GameStop stock, posting an image of himself and his team after they had bought out the store’s stock.

“Wait a minute, you guys are buying GameStop stock? I thought I was supposed to buy an actual GameStop… Whoops,” he tweeted, with plenty of fans getting in on the joke.

He quickly responded though, reflecting on what he’d spent at the time. “If I would have invested the $80,000 I spent last month buying this Game Stop, into their stock, it’d be worth like $1,200,000 lol,” Donaldson added.

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To add to the fact that he would have made a million so quickly, some fans pointed out that he actually gave WallStreetBets – the subreddit responsible for the GameStop surge – a chance for him to get on board back in July.

A handful of investors tried to get him to invest in $GME, but other stocks received more responses and a bit more love.

There’s been plenty of speculation about how he makes his money, given that he recently pointed out how much he’d lost on a recently canceled video. We did the maths here to work out how MrBeast has so much cash to play with.

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Given what’s happened here, he might get a bit savvier with his investments, but the charity will continue regardless.