MrBeast reportedly purchases a whole neighborhood for staff to live in

Eleni Thomas
MrBeast neighborhood

Popular content creator MrBeast has reportedly purchased a whole neighborhood’s worth of properties, with the streamer and influencer allowing his employees and family to live in each of the homes.

MrBeast has reportedly invested in a whole neighborhood worth of houses that he allows his staff to live in, as first reported by The New York Post. The neighborhood in question is located in the southeastern suburbs of Greenville, North Carolina. Very close to where MrBeast originally grew up.

The intention being, to have a good chunk of his workforce live in close proximity if they so choose. Allowing for stress-free accommodation on his budget, while theoretically boosting productivity in reducing commute time.

This isn’t the first time that MrBeast has been extremely generous with those close to him as well as strangers. The content creator is known for gifting planes, cars and other expensive items to unsuspecting individuals. And while these offers are extremely generous, MrBeast does often get criticized by his viewers for doing so.

Mrbeast neighborhood
MrBeast is one of the most popular content creators on the internet

In the same report, The New York Post included comments from Aaron Bowden, a previous resident of the street who supposedly sold his property to MrBeast last year.

The former resident revealed that he was apprehensive about selling his property to MrBeast at first, a mindset that others on the street also shared.

“We negotiated back and forth and it had to be worth my while. And he wasn’t gonna buy it, if it wasn’t worth his while…Some people have been there for a while. Some people, like one neighbor, had only been there for maybe a year,” Bowden said. 

“My immediately adjacent neighbor, they actually grew up in the neighborhood and her parents moved to the beach. They only moved up the street. They just moved into a different house.”

Bowden then told The New York Post that MrBeast explained his intention to have his employees and family move into each of the homes.

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