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MrBeast offers refunds after glitches spoil Finger on the App for some players

Published: 21/Mar/2021 11:40

by Georgina Smith


Some participants in MrBeast’s Finger on the App 2 challenge have reported glitches in the app that can potentially cause people to lose in-game lives, and miss out on the chance to win the $100,000 prize.

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is known for his large-scale, high-budget YouTube videos that often see friends, fans, and strangers participate in bizarre challenges to win houses, cars, and a whole lot of money.

Many viewers want to be part of one of the popular YouTuber’s challenges from home, and Jimmy found a way to make that happen with the “Finger on the App” challenge.

The premise of the game is that participants keep their finger on the screen as long as possible, continuously moving their finger around a grid in order to prevent instances of cheating. The person who keeps their finger on the screen the longest is deemed the winner of the huge prize.


MrBeast shows Finger On The App
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The game was hugely popular the first time around.

Last time, MrBeast ended up cutting the competition early and gave the four remaining participants $20,000 each, but this time he’s upped the prize money to a whopping $100,000.

The competition kicked off on March 20, and plenty of people have joined in so far, but some people are reporting glitches within the app that are costing them the game.

Streamer Hyphonix uploaded a video of him playing the game on stream to Twitter, and although he has his finger pressed firmly to the screen, a glitch occurs and causes him to lose the game.

Several other people replied to the tweet reporting similar occurrences in their own attempts.


“I just lost 3 lives in 3 seconds from a glitch. (No Joke) I was about 9 hours and 40 something minutes in. Really really disappointing considering I had 3 extra lives and was top 1,340,” one player wrote.

MrBeast offers refunds

In response to someone asking Jimmy to address the widespread glitch issues, he wrote, “99% of games went smoothly, the devs are finding that most of the few people that had issues were due to poor connection or they accidentally touched with a second finger.”

He continued by saying the team are, “still investigating,” and that, “I’m genuinely sorry if there was a real glitch, we had 1.5 mil players and I obviously want nothing more than for this to go well. If for some reason you bought lives and do feel like you lost because of a glitch, we are accepting all refunds so you should be Gucci. I love you all and was just trying to give people something fun to do.”


Fans are no doubt curious to see how the end of the game plays out, and find out who will win the grand prize.