MrBeast hits huge donation milestone with philanthropy YouTube channel

Georgina Smith
MrBeast stands in front of the camera

YouTuber Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson has revealed the mind-blowing total number of meals that have been donated through his philanthropy channel after a massive food drive.

MrBeast is one of the most popular creators on YouTube right now, with over 74 million subscribers on his main channel alone and millions more on the several other channels that he operates.

Jimmy is well known for giving away huge amounts of money or expensive items like cars and houses to his friends and followers, and has also put an enormous amount of work into his charity efforts.

In October he launched his latest fundraiser ‘Team Seas,’ in which he’s teaming up with other creators on YouTube in a bid to raise $30 million to remove 30 million pounds of trash from the ocean.

MrBeast cleans the oceans with TeamSeas
MrBeast is teaming up with a number of YouTubers to kickstart his TeamSeas effort to raise $30 million to clean the world’s oceans.

He also runs a philanthropy channel, Beast Philanthropy, where he documents the efforts they are making with their charity and food pantry to help those in need.

On November 7, Jimmy announced that using funds from the Beast Philanthropy YouTube channel, they had their biggest food drive yet, and revealed the staggering number of meals they have now given away as part of the initiative.

“Today was Beast Philanthropy’s biggest food drive ever!” he wrote. “Over 300 volunteers, 10,000+ families fed, and around $500,000 worth of food given away! We’ve officially given away over 1,000,000 meals to people in need all 100% for free.”

He went on to explain that it was “All funded by the Beast Philanthropy YouTube channel,” and said that he uses “100% of the ad rev, brand deals, and merch rev to fund the charity.”

Fans were quick to congratulate the YouTuber on the huge donation milestone, thanking him for his charitable efforts.

With this Beast Philanthropy milestone and the TeamSeas campaign gaining more traction by the day, this has been a very successful month for the YouTuber when it comes to his charity work.

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