MrBeast changes lives of college students with chance at winning $100,000 - Dexerto

MrBeast changes lives of college students with chance at winning $100,000

Published: 28/Oct/2018 21:45 Updated: 28/Oct/2018 21:47

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube’s king of big budget videos has brought another life-changing social experiment to the masses, this time offering passersby the chance at $100,000 in the form of a classic cup game.

While his experiment took place both online and offline, he made major waves for students on a college campus, who got a chance at winning the cash through a guessing game using a series of red solo cups.

Students were made to guess which cup the money was hiding beneath. Winning amounts started at $1,000, after which the students could go double or nothing – up to a whopping $100,000.

Both students and faculty participated in the challenge, with many students choosing to opt out once they had guessed correctly the first time.


MrBeast then switched the guessing game to a game of beer pong, lowering the amount to $100 per cup – then changed the stakes even further by upping the second winning cup to $1,000. A line of students formed for a chance at earning the cash, collectively cheering and groaning at their peers’ successes and failures.

The kids even called for an encore after MrBeast’s crew had called for an end to the festivities, with the final winner getting a massive round of applause (and a hug) at his $1,000 victory.

MrBeast himself even took part in the game in his studio – but he wasn’t so lucky.


This latest video follows MrBeast’s citywide ad campaign to help YouTuber PewDiePie beat out the quickly-approaching Bollywood label T-Series, which saw a major rise in subscribers for the ‘king of YouTube.’