Mr Beast leaves man stunned after “breaking into” his house to gift $50k

Published: 26/Jun/2020 1:05

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star Jimmy ‘Mr Beast’ Donaldson has upped the ante of his content, once again, this time breaking into someone’s house to gift them a whopping $50k as a surprising gift.

Mr Beast is a hugely popular face on YouTube, known for his over-the-top stunts and his penchant for giving away insane amounts of cash in various charitable experiments.

However, instead of opening a free bank or tipping waitresses in literal gold bars, this time Mr Beast decided to turn the tables in a completely unexpected way.

Mr Beast prank
MrBeast, YouTube
YouTuber Mr Beast is known for his outrageous charitable exploits – so his prank of “robbing” the home of his friend’s father was far out of left field for fans.

The YouTuber, along with his squad, “broke into” the home of his friend, Chandler’s father, with the aim of taking everything out of the house and leaving $50k in a duffel bag.

During this “heist,” Chandler’s father participated in one of Mr Beast’s “last to leave” challenges, being tricked into thinking he had to lay in a bed for longer than other participants for the chance at winning a $10k prize.

Instead, Mr Beast and company completely emptied his home, carefully wrapping up glassware and other valuables into boxes — while jokingly yelling “We’re robbing the neighborhood!”

For extra caution, Donaldson clarified that he’d received permission to go through with project from all of Chandler’s family members, who even helped empty the house — although Chandler himself was somewhat worried about his father’s reaction to the prank.

After an entire day of moving, Chandler’s father, Todd, finally made it back to his home (after being told he’d won his ‘last to leave’ challenge) — and was shocked at what he saw.

Thanks to the hidden cameras placed around the house, viewers got a good view of his reaction, with Todd immediately calling out for a family member in fear as he ran through the now-empty home.

Mr beast and Chandler
Mr Beast, YouTube
Mr Beast and Chandler, along with Chandler’s family, played a prank on his father Todd, completely removing all items from his home in an attempt to make him think he’d been robbed. Their real intentions were far more charitable.

“You’re gonna give me a heart attack,” Todd could be heard saying before the squad admitted their plans, opening up an Adidas duffel bag to reveal the $50k — a huge amount on top of his $10k prize for “winning” the fake challenge beforehand.

“We’re gonna redo your entire house, so we just took the liberty of getting rid of all the furniture,” Mr Beast explained.

That’s not all: Todd’s wife had spent the day buying their new furniture, which Mr Beast had also paid for, leaving their $50k gift as a nice “vacation” fund.

In such uncertain times, Mr Beast’s remarkable acts of charity are enough to put a smile on anyone’s face, acting as a much-needed reprieve from the challenges of the day-to-day — and his latest upload is no different.


Lovely Peaches arrested for animal cruelty over alleged dog abuse

Published: 24/Jan/2021 17:09 Updated: 24/Jan/2021 17:10

by Charlotte Colombo


Public records have revealed that content creator Lovely Peaches was arrested on animal cruelty charges on 22 January, after uploading videos on social media.

Social media users have demanded that Peaches, real name Brittany Johnson, be held accountable this week after she uploaded a series of disturbing photos and videos of her allegedly abusing 6-month-old puppy, Max.

Some of the upsetting content included choking the dog, kicking it and spraying perfume in its eyes. The day before Johnson was arrested, she uploaded a picture to Instagram depicting her hanging the dog on a coat hanger.

Following the public outcry to these posts, with several social media users contacting PETA, animal control and local authorities, public website Jail View confirms that DeKalb County Police Department arrested Johnson at 6:32PM EST on Friday 22 January.

There is uncertainty on the dog’s current welfare. This is because the day before her arrest, Brittany uploaded an image to Instagram claiming that the dog had died. This comes after she previously told her followers: “If this one dies too, I’ll eat it on live for you guys.”

YouTuber DefNoodles claims to have received “mixed reports” on the dog’s status. He explained to a fan: “At this time, I can’t confirm any of it. Still looking for a source. Will update when I do.”

However, several Twitter users have claimed to be in touch with local authorities, which gives hope that the dog is safe. One Twitter user claims to have spoken to both animal control and DeKalb County, and says that they have requested access to an open record report to verify this.

Further to this, when Johnson’s abuse of her dog first went viral, another Twitter user claimed they’d been in touch with animal control, who said that the dog is safe and well. There is also a TikTok circulating by user White Plastic that appears to show Max being placed in police custody.

This isn’t the first time Brittany has been involved in abuse cases. She is previously alleged to have shown a dead dog on her Instagram live, and in July her young daughter, which Johnson previously said online that she planned to sell to human traffickers, was placed in the custody of her father.

It is unclear both whether the dog is alive and how long Brittany will be police custody for. We will update this story with news as it emerges.