Mom trashes gender reveal party after finding out she’s having another girl

Kawter Abed
Expecting mother throwing a tantrum at her gender reveal party

An expecting mother has left TikTok viewers divided, after trashing her gender reveal party because she’s having another girl.

In viral clip with over 698,000 views, a mother was filmed getting frustrated over the fact that she is having another daughter.

The woman could be seen pulling down decorations at the gender reveal party and throwing a fit over her baby’s gender, while guests were left stunned at her reaction. “She really mad,” one attendee said. “I didn’t think she was for real.”

Tables were flipped over at the outdoor party, and the expecting mother was seen tearing a sash off of her body, throwing it to the ground before walking away.

“POV: When you destroy your gender reveal because you didn’t want another girl,” a text overlaying the video explained. “Yall I’m still in shock,” the caption read.

Many TikTok users in the comments were horrified by the mother’s behavior at her own gender reveal. “I get people get disappointed but seriously?” one person wrote. “Honestly it is never that serious! I promise!” another said.

“Imagine being the daughter and seeing this years later,” a third commented. “I can already tell what kind of mom she’s going to be,” another one added.

Others, however, empathized with the mom and said they could relate to her gender disappointment. “I feel that pain. I had 6 girls, never got a boy,” one shared. “No because I feel her, I wanted a boy but it ended up being a girl and I was lowkey sad,” another wrote.

“I had gender disappointment with my first but I just sobbed. I love him and I’m pregnant with a girl now. Poor lady,” someone else commented.

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