Mom sparks debate after revealing she feeds her baby like a chicken

Baby Snacks ChickenTikTok: desertbabysteps

A mom has sparked debate in her TikTok comments after revealing that she sometimes feeds her baby like a chicken, especially when she’s not feeling good.

When raising a child, parents don’t exactly get sick days. Instead, they can adapt certain day-to-day activities to make things easier to handle.

Some moms and dads may sit around and watch TV, while others may find easier ways to ensure their child gets fed.

Raquel Tolman, who goes by desertbabysteps on TikTok, recently rustled some feathers after revealing that she feeds her infant like a chicken when she’s not feeling the best.

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Mom reveals she feeds her baby like a chicken

Uploaded on December 3, Raquel’s video has been viewed over five million times.

“Sometimes when I’m sick, I like to feed my baby his little snacks as if he was a chicken,” she explained before throwing his snacks on the floor. “He loves it.”

As soon as they hit the floor, the baby rolled over and began eating them.

The video quickly garnered a reaction from TikTok users, with over 7,000 comments from people around the world.

“When I was sick and had a toddler I played fetch with her… while I layed on the couch I’d throw a ball or toy down the hall and get her to bring it,” one user replied.

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Another viewer said: “Dude, sometimes my babies would reject the food I served in the high chair, then immediately start foraging for whatever food they found on the floor.”

A third user mentioned: “You must not have I find it humiliating and disgusting, sick or not. I would never treat my child with such disrespect.”

While it’s clear some users weren’t exactly happy with her feeding method, the majority of users were all for the mom’s way of making sure her baby is fed.