Mizkif slams FaZe Rain for “disgusting” Grace Van Dien video

Mizkif-blasts-disgusting-faze-rain-grace-van-dien-videoYouTube: FaZe Rain, Mizkif, Grace Van Dien

Popular streamer Mizkif is hitting out at FaZe Rain, calling the FaZe OG’s video with Stranger Things star Grace Van Dien “disgusting” amid the ongoing drama.

FaZe Clan is undergoing a turbulent time as backlash surrounding the esports and entertainment organization grows due to its recent business decisions.

Most recently, a massive conversation has sparked online as a result of actress Grace Van Dien of Stranger Things fame joining the group — an issue that was exacerbated by founder and co-owner FaZe Rain.

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Rain made several disparaging comments toward Van Dien in the wake of her signing with the team, saying she’d made Stranger Things her “entire personality” and even calling her “excruciatingly mid, who I would never let touch me on my drunkest night.”

This resulted in a heated back-and-forth conversation between Van Dien and Rain (during which she referenced his struggles with drug addiction), which ultimately resulted in the two getting together to hash out their issues for a YouTube video.

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However, they didn’t end up quashing their beef at all. Van Dien ultimately ended up walking out of the apartment crying, saying she would quit FaZe Clan if the video got released — something Rain made sure to do shortly thereafter.

At present, it’s unclear what Grace’s status is with FaZe, but the issue has prompted several large content creators not affiliated with the company to speak out on her behalf.

Mizkif slams “disgusting” FaZe Rain amid Grace Van Dien drama

Mizkif is just the latest streamer to offer his two cents on the subject, who called Rain’s video with Grace “disgusting” and accused him and the other FaZe OG’s of wanting the company to “burn” if they couldn’t have their way.

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“No one’s winning. They’re basically sinking the ship. And I think that’s what FaZe Rain wants. The only thing I can think of is that FaZe Rain wants this company to burn if they [the FaZe OG’s] can’t own it.”

“He wants this company to go down and burn, and he is using Grace as the biggest ammo he [can] to attack this company and basically let anyone know, ‘Do not join this org if you fit this criteria. Unless you’re a 32-year-old neckbeard who drinks Mountain Dew, you should not be part of it.'”

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(Topic begins at 10:25)

“The fact that she was crying and left the scene and he posted this video is disgusting,” he continued. “I think it is completely unfair to Grace. I don’t even know what could possibly be done. I just hope she can get out of FaZe Clan, because she 100% should.”

Mizkif isn’t the only streamer to stick up for Grace during this time, with the likes of Disguised Toast and even Asmongold offering harsh criticisms toward Rain’s behavior.

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