Mizkif reveals his Audi R8 was wrecked with $100k damages

Twitch streamer Mizkif next to Audi R8YouTube: Mizkif / Twitter: REALMizkif

Twitch streamer Mizkif revealed that his Audi R8 was totaled during Emiru’s OTK stream. The luxury sports car received an eye-popping $100k in damages after being hit by another driver.

On January 2, Mizkif was celebrating Emiru signing to his One True King organization with a special livestream. However, the party was interrupted when the streamer learned his luxury car had been nearly totaled.

In a surprise update a day after the event, the Twitch star told viewers that his Audi R8 was hit by another driver while in the parking lot and received over $100k in damages.

Twitter: REALMizkif
The Twitch streamer bought the Audi R8 in 2021.

Mizkif’s Audi R8 sports car destroyed by accident

The streamer surprised fans with the unsettling news in a Twitter update after canceling his January 3 broadcast.

“Last night on Emi’s stream my car got hit by someone in the parking lot… we’re settling it through insurance, but the damages are about 100k to my car.” Mizkif wrote.

The OTK creator revealed that he was talking with insurance companies. “I won’t be live today. I’m going shopping for a Toyota Prius and talking to insurance agencies. See you tomorrow.”

In Twitch chat logs, Mizkif appeared to have confirmed that his Audi R8 was hit by a possibly “drunk” driver in the parking lot.

“I’m not keeping the R8, I’m done with it. He wasn’t going slow. I’m done with expensive cars. There is pretty much a hole through my car lawl. R8 dream is done, and not just on Twitch. The car’s f**cked, just some drunk idiot hit me,” he seemingly wrote.

Mizkif Twitch chat logs about his Audi R8 being damagedTwitch
The streamer appeared to talk about the car accident on Twitch.

During Emiru’s special arcade live stream, a PA alert was made announcing that a white Audi had been involved in an accident in the parking lot. Mizkif at the time didn’t believe it was his vehicle, however, it now appears that the announcement was about his car.

Mizkif reveals image of damage done to his Audi

Later, Mizkif revealed the damage done to his car on stream. Showing a picture of the vehicle, he explained that it was likely ruined by people doing “donuts” in the parking lot.

Discussing the damage, Mizkif elaborated that “it’s all f**ked” and that he “can’t drive the car” anymore.

The Twitch star picked up the R8 in September 2021 and it had been featured on a handful of his streams. While it’s not known the exact amount he paid for it, the vehicle can sell for $150-160k making the $100k accident pretty heartbreaking.