xQc hits back at Ludwig’s criticism of new Twitch TV show meta: “He’s just malding”

Twitch: xQcOW / YouTube: Ludwig

Streamer xQc hit back at Ludwig after the YouTuber warned that Twitch channels watching TV shows and movies live could be “catastrophic” for the industry. 

The latest meta sweeping Twitch in 2022 is streamers watching TV shows and movies with their thousands of viewers. YouTuber Ludwig Ahgren predicted that the popular trend could be catastrophic for content creators and may lead to their channels being at risk.

One person not a fan of his take is Felix ‘xQc‘ Lengyel. The Canadian streamer responded to the Mogul Money creator’s opinion and claimed that the YouTube star was just angry that he is not allowed to do the same thing on his own platform.

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Twitch streamer xQc watching Master Chef with viewersTwitch: xQcOW
xQc defended his MasterChef streams.

xQc hits back at Ludwig’s take on watching shows on Twitch

The popular streamer reacted to Ludwig’s take during his January 2, 2022 broadcast and immediately dismissed his concerns. “I think he’s just malding that he swapped cars and that car just ran out of gas really f**king fast,” he said.

Lengyel was referencing Ahgren’s move from Twitch to YouTube in November 2021. Just days after making the switch in platforms, he was temporarily banned for watching copyrighted material live on stream.

xQc then broke into laughter and exclaimed, “He said in his announcement video “NOT in this car” but then he got banned three times in the span of three days!”

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The Twitch star also took issue with Ludwig’s belief that the industry needed a course correction. “This is a very rookie take from a rookie. Nothing course corrects,” he said. “Here on the internet, especially with anonymity and especially on Twitch, things explode.”

Lengyel argued that it was too late for the TV show and movie meta to be stopped due to its rapid popularity. “Things do not correct, they explode. We’ve known this for the longest time. We’ve known this from the beginning of Twitch as a whole and JustinTV, things explode and nothing goes back.”

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As far as Ludwig’s argument that streamers could one day be hit with hundreds of DMCA claims, xQc also dismissed that as anything worth worrying about. “Yeah, that could happen. He’s not wrong. It is what it is though. But that would be an actual disaster for the industry. So what is the answer then?”

The streamer then added that no one was watching TV shows or movies that had recently been released. Although he predicted that some “degenerates” would try to watch “actual brand new” releases live, which he called “crazy.”

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Only time will tell whether Ahgren’s concerns will come true. Lengyel, however, believes that streamers watching TV shows and movies with viewers is the “future” and even revealed that he’s reached out to many companies such as popular anime website Crunchyroll to collaborate.

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