Mizkif reveals he lost $150,000 in brutal Pokemon card “scam”

Sam Comrie
An image of Mizkif with Pokemon Cards.
Twitch: Mizkif, Pokemon

Mizkif has lost money buying Pokemon cards in the past, but his recent $150,000 revelation is his biggest blow yet. 

Twitch streamer Mizkif is no stranger to splashing out the cash if the occasion is right. Whether it is helping out viewers or repairing $100,00 worth of damage to his Audi R-8, the Twitch star is prepared for anything.

Indulging in one of his biggest passions, Pokemon, Mizkif has revealed the troubles of acquiring high-value Pokemon cards.

Rare Pokemon TCG items
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Pokemon cards, especially from older runs, are seen as coveted collectibles by fans.

Mizkif’s explains “dumb” Pokemon card purchase

Mizkif has lost thousands on Pokemon cards before, but the streamer has revealed more brutal losses in his collecting adventures. “A little birdy from Hawaii once told me, that my cards were all PSA 10s,” Miz explained regarding his card grading.

“Like the dumb b**ch I am, I believed in that man” added Miz, as his tale of deception went deeper. However, despite joking about transportation damage, Mizkif knew he had been scammed.

“Either it must have went through USPS post office, and they threw my box round the whole time and played catch…or the cards themselves were never 10s,” Miz claimed in desperation. “I lost a solid $150,000 in Pokemon cards, on boxing. Because I believed they were 10s, but in reality, they were all 9s and 8s.”

The loss was so devastating for Miz that he “didn’t bother to send them in” after been “scammed so hard” originally. Miz is just another creator subject to Pokemon card drama, after Logan Paul spent $3.5 million on a wealth of supposedly rare cards, that eventually turned out to be… G.I Joe trading cards.

As scamming and fake cards continue to infiltrate the market, content creators will have to keep a keen eye on things.