Mizkif explains why he turned down $300k NFT sponsor: “What a waste”


Popular Twitch streamer Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo has dropped a bombshell that he was offered $300k from an NFT sponsor, but he turned it all down over the fear of getting hate.

NFT’s have been all the talk in recent times, growing wildly in popularity. With some JPEGs worth millions of dollars, celebrities and influencers are racing to get involved.

Websites that are selling NFTs on the blockchain are offering hefty amounts of cash for promotion to celebrities and influencers.

However, even with a life-changing amount of money on the table for a simple sponsored segment, Mizkif explained why he turned it all down.

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During a stream on November 5, Mizkif got onto the topic of money, when he dropped the bombshell that he recently turned down an insane NFT sponsor.

The unnamed company supposedly offered the popular streamer $300k to promote NFTs, which he declined over the fear of being hated.

“I actually turned down an NFT sponsor recently for $300k. I turned down a $300k sponsor. Do you want to know why? Because I didn’t want to get hate on LivestreamFails,” said the streamer

Mizkif continued: “Now I’m like why the f**k am I such a pussy? Like why do I care, why didn’t I just f**king do it, what a waste. I was like oh I want to be the good guy.”

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The bombshell left the streamer’s chat lost for words, questioning Mizkif’s decision to turn down the insane amount of money.

There’s serious money in NFTs, however, Mizkif simply didn’t want to risk the hate after previously calling out NFT sites.

Twitch colleague Amouranth recently managed to gain over $120,000 for an OnlyPunks NFT, again demonstrating how lucrative they can be. It was not enough to tempt Mizkif though.