Mizkif “done” with Twitch TV show meta amid Pokimane ban: “I played with fire”

Mizkif streaming on TwitchTwitch: Mizkif

Mizkif was quick to regret his latest Twitch broadcast that featured Avatar: The Last Airbender after fellow streaming star Pokimane was banned from the platform, vowing to stop restreaming copyrighted content on his channel.

The most recent Twitch meta — rebroadcasting popular TV shows — has ended in disaster for some of the platform’s top personalities

Pokimane was the first domino to fall as the social media celeb had her Twitch account banned on January 7. After streaming multiple hours of copyrighted content, her stream was taken down as thousands of viewers were watching live.

Soon, all eyes shifted to Mizkif who happened to be streaming the hit Nickelodeon show at the same time. After scurrying to delete his VODs and clear his channel, he vowed he was “done” with the TV show meta in fear of similar repercussions.

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Quickly turning his stream back on after wiping his earlier broadcasts, Mizkif was uncertain what to do next. “Do we put a timer up that says ‘will I last?’” he joked as fans flooded back in.

“Why did it happen to her and not me?” he questioned. “Should I say my last goodbyes? I’m terrified right now.”

Even Pokimane herself was confused while texting Mizkif after the ban. “Can’t believe you didn’t get DMCA’d too,” she said. “So weird.”

One thing quickly became clear, however. Mizkif wasn’t prepared to risk his “career” just to follow the latest trends on Twitch.

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“Let’s just get this out the way,” he followed up. “I’m done. I played with fire, it was not worth it.”

“I’m an idiot. I tried to do something different. You don’t want to do anything different, always follow what everyone else is doing. That’s the easiest route. I should have just watched MasterChef. I f**ked up.

With his stream still live hours after Pokimane’s ban, Mizkif appeared to have gotten out unscathed. Despite broadcasting the same TV show on the very same day, his Twitch account is still without a ban at the time of writing.

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Seeing one of the top personalities banned, even if temporarily, is sure to have plenty others feeling just the same as Mizkif. It may only be a matter of time before the next crackdown, if any streamers continue to poke the bear with copyrighted content.